He isn’t wrong.

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2022-05-16 22:45:19

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  1. Blame Tiny for the shit booking. Same shit goes for Bryan. He’s one of their best promos and wrestlers and he hasn’t cut a promo or had a singles match in months. Fucking disgrace.

  2. When he first came in the dub got mainstream attention. How did Tiny capitalize on this hype surrounding his company? No immediate rivalry with the champion, or at least a heel main eventer, no, they made CM Punk jerk the curtain in the B show for several weeks. And when Bryan Danielson came in, they had him wrestle on YouTube. I swear Tony is allergic to success.

  3. There’s a quote in soccer I like about how fans always think the guy on the bench or the injured list is gonna be the savior because you’re comparing your own imagination of how they’ll do to what you’re currently seeing from the guy who’s currently in that spot.

    Punk was a near mythical figure when he was gone, now he just comes off like a nostalgia act. It’s hard for anyone to meet the “imagined version” of how they’ll do once they’re in a position to sink or swim, but Tony and his big brain booking haven’t exactly put him in a position to succeed

  4. Punk isn’t a draw. He is a draw multiplier, He draws eyes relative to his opponent. Big opponents big draws. Small opponents equal small draws, That’s why his feud with MJF was liked. PROVIDED you let play up the differences between him and his opponents.

    This is why it’s hot-cold on AEW and failed in MMA. Jobber matches do nothing. And you need wins to promote differences in MMA.

  5. The guys popularity was being anti-establishment. Without that, he’s a guy bad-mouthing opponents he can’t face. Bischoff ain’t walking through that door. Triple H ain’t walking through that door. Vince ain’t walking through that door. And if you tried to book him as anti-authority in AEW? Tony Khan as a TV authority figure makes Johnny Ace look like Mr. McMahon circa ‘98. The only logical thing would have been for him to verbally rip apart every failing AEW has and position him as the mega heel you wanna see get killed. They did the opposite.

  6. Love that Eric Bischoff is burying Punk. No matter what Punk or dubbalos come back with Eric already won.

    Punks run in m’dub has done nothing to build the company, he hasn’t brought in new viewers that have stayed, or make them any money, or progressed as a character or improved as a person.

    Punk is a joke.

  7. I blame Tiny Khan more than Punk and it isn’t close. Khan’s M-O is signing ex-WWE guys, have them be single wrestlers for 1-2 months and then stick them into a team or faction. Some guys are actually instantly put into a team like Miro was. Danielson should’ve been the world champion but now he is in a group with Moxley and Yuta doing a lot of nothing.

  8. I though he was the biggest ratings getter for the show and sold the most merch???

    They’re in danger of people not coming back after this playoffs drop..