[Homemade] Mac and Cheese with Hot Dogs

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+11974 – [Homemade] Mac and Cheese with Hot Dogs

2022-06-23 23:21:16

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  1. Reminds me of when my mom went out of town and dad had to cook, I think I’ll make that this weekend!

  2. My mom made this a lot, she told us this is what Americans eat every night! We felt so American lol (we’re not)

    Edit: if anyone is wondering, yes I actually love this meal

    Edit again: it’s so awesome to hear everyone’s memories of this meal! Makes it feel like I’m experiencing some American tradition

  3. Those weenies look perfect, now just scramble in some eggs with them and you have a Mexican staple!

  4. I like making little octopi with the hotdogs. When you fry them, their little legs curl up. It tickles my damn fancy.

  5. Kraft dinner with sliced up hotdogs is a very standard low budget low effort meal but you have gone the distance here by frying the hotdog medallions. It uses an extra pan, which isn’t THAT much hassle to clean fr, but adds some more flavor and texture to the finished dish.

    Tres magnifique, bon appetit!

  6. THAT. THAT. You made it beautifully and can tell from here. Cut the slit in the hotdogs to make them Pac Man’s!

  7. This looks amazing!! Your hot dogs are absolutely outstanding. I’m a mac & cheese scientist, and I can tell by looking at it you made it exactly how they tell ya too. 100% edible, delecious, but like I said I have to tell you how to mess it up. 1, under cook the pasta 2. use less butter, i use about 1/3 the recommended amount 3. add olive oil, not quite to the total amount of butter 4. use a little more than 2x as much milk, whole milk works best (this is why you under cook it) 5. add the cheese packet (this kraft stuff is an emulsifier, basically it dissolves cheese) 6. add about 2oz of cheese (any kind works, cheddar, motz, pepper jack, parm, mix ’em they all work) 7. season, i have two approaches, italian, so oregeno+ and a garlic cayane for a little nip 8. bring back up to temp, and get rid of the water, itll have a super rich thick sauce

    I dont know why I just laid out over a decades worth of making mac exp, prolly cause I want some, and those hot dogs are amazing. I use the italian seasoned version for a spicy ish chili, it cuts the heat, and I use the chayene for basically everything else, i tend to under season (easier to add more) but garlic and pepper can get real hot, real fast, even with a milky cheese sauce. I’ve recently been adding eggs, and then not stirring, and you can probably add more cheese, (the cheese packet only has so much emulsifier in it, but using oil and extra milk seems to extend/amplify it) if the cheese doesn’t melt well youve met your max, still tastes good, egg as a last ingredient, couple quick stirs when hot, the it gets… awesome.

    WoW, I’m gonna go get some…

  8. When my daughter was little, she went through a phase where that is the only thing she would eat for dinner.

  9. This was my college meal. It used to feed 4 hungry college roommates for like 5 dollars. It definitely saves us from going to bed hungry for more than a few days.

  10. I guess Kraft M&C is technically homemade. Not hating- I eat that shit w a can of chili and call it perfection. Get it!

  11. My youngest would eat President’s Choice White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese 3 out of 3 meals a day if we let her.

  12. Does boxed Mac N Cheese count as “home-made”? I love the stuff, but I wouldn’t really call it “home-made”.

  13. Texan here! We had this at least once a week (but with the hotdogs mixed in) growing up bc of how cheap it was. However my mom always called it Bobbitt Macaroni 😅 wasn’t until I was a teenager that I even wondered to ask why lol nonetheless, even as an adult now, I’ll make it every so often

  14. Looks yummy, but I’d need some veggies in there somewhere. Roasted broccoli is *amazing* in mac and cheese!