How an Astartes REALLY fits inside a suit of Terminator…

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+3494 – How an Astartes REALLY fits inside a suit of Terminator armour.

2022-06-23 17:01:25

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  1. Love the derpy smile! Further, canonicaly the controls are two Atari 2600 joysticks duct taped together.

  2. In BattleTech clan elementals were bred to be the strongest infantry that the galaxy had ever seen.

    Clan leadership was so impressed on how an Elemental in Battle-armor (think hyper mobile terminator armor) could rip a Mechwarrior out of their vehicles they demanded the clan mech engineers to make the Battle-armor bigger and more capable.

    The clan geneticists couldn’t make elementals any bigger, they hit the upper limit and the Mech engies had redesign their new shit from the ground up.

  3. You know as funny as this is, its literally canonically how centurion battlesuits work which are basically slight bigger terminators

  4. This is what I figured too. In the Rifts rpg, they try a lot to make the power armor believable size wise and one of the ways they do is by not having the arms have actual limbs in them.

  5. The smile and enjoyment of prosecuting the Emperor’s will against the many foes of humanity is **mandatory**.

  6. James Workshop started this meme so that people wouldn’t ask for Primaris Terminators and just be happy with the Gravis guys.

  7. Kinda wanna see an Ogryn with terminator armor it would look cool. Ofc it wouldnt be actual terminator armor it would just resemble one closely.