How does this man sneeze?

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+21986 – How does this man sneeze?

2022-06-23 15:40:00

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  1. I’ve mastered the art of sneezing silently, however there is a high chance of blowing my eardrums out every time I do it. Heroes make sacrifices.

  2. He’s not a dad. So he doesn’t feel the need to engage his voice box to let the entire fucking building know he just sneezed in his favorite chair.

  3. I guess his vocal cords are where the power comes from? I believe you can sneeze without them?

  4. I need to see 616 Black Bolt in a movie. I’ll be forever pissed at Marvel if this is the last we see of Mount’s Black Bolt.

  5. The comic book version of BB can fly around outer space. Does he even need to breath? Does he only inhale and take breaths when he uses his powers?

    In comics, Thor technically doesn’t have to breath either. He can travel in outer space and even fly into the surface of the sun and hang out there.

  6. Black Bolt would be the easiest kill ever. Just leave a couple of Lego’s on the floor in the middle of the night …….

  7. He dies every time he sneezes. Thankfully, they can just get a new one from the multiverse. Sometimes, their Iron Man makes him sneeze on purpose, because it is funny. Sadly, Iron Man wasn’t in the movie because he was in timeout for recently doing so.

  8. If he did, he’d literally be like one for those OBNOXIOUS boys in high school who would purposefully scream when they sneezed just to scare ppl 😂