How to close a bag of chips without a chip clip

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+11394 – How to close a bag of chips without a chip clip

2022-05-16 11:51:57

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572 shares, 839 points


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  1. Yeah, that really is pretty cool. I’m sticking with the fold over, though. Laziness and chips go together.

  2. Here’s my instructions:

    1. Roll up the top.

    2. Put something on the rolled part.

    3. You’re already done, stop reading.

  3. Screaming hey yall…. I just stopped the video. I just know it’s a waste of time by her annoying voice

  4. I remember learning this in elementary from a TV show I once saw in Japan 2002. It was a kid show, so either I just learned from a prisoner or prisoners learned from the same TV show.

  5. I’m pretty sure I learned this from ZOOM on PBS when I was a kid. However, now that I know the kids learned the trick in prison, I can’t look at them the same way anymore.

  6. I always make sure to shove a chip clip up my ass before I go to prison specifically so I don’t have to worry about how I fold up my bag of chips.

  7. I’m pretty sure I just watched this person call someone a MF accuser of the brethren.

  8. I had an old roommate who did this with their chip bags and just thought it an interesting little trick. Said roommate has a child in prison and now I’m wondering where she learned said trick from.