I completed the quest he was tied to but a glitch made him…

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+2806 – I completed the quest he was tied to but a glitch made him remain and be passive, now I have an unbound dremora that never despawns acting like any other npc and just walks around the college…

2022-06-23 14:51:48

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  1. He’s just trying to learn other magic besides evil Deadric magic. Leave him alone, and don’t bully him! >:(

  2. I have never once had this dremora actually despawn. Every time he jsut become a powerhouse who kills dragons who attack the college

  3. That’s a glitch? It’s happened to me every time. I always thought him being stuck there was just the way the quest ended.

  4. “Perhaps we can go another few decades without a disaster. That would be nice.”

    *bumps into daedra*

  5. J’zargo looks annoyed by him.

    Collete Marence looks scared. She’ll understand conjuration is a more valid school of magic soon.

  6. This happened to me though he isn’t moving around like yours. Mines just chilling up on the roof where you originally do the quest

  7. They call him Unbou Mora now and he’s is a new student to the school. He seems happy to be there and leaning

  8. To be fair a unbound dremora running around the college of winterhold seems pretty normal lol. Or it sounds normal.

  9. This is imo the buggiest quest in Skyrim. I have never gotten it working properly without using mods.

  10. He’s pretty useful whenever a dragon comes around from my experience, although if you manage to do the ritual conjuration quest for him before progressing far into the main college questline he also helps out with the wisps in Winterhold and in the colleges.

    The reason he’s useful is he’s a special kind of essential, where many essential NPCs get downed when their health is depleted and can’t be killed, he is completely invulnerable to any damage where no physical contact can even be made. But this also means he might not always help out in battles since enemies can’t trigger his aggro because they can’t even do any damage to him.

    But I always find it a fun thing to just have a Dremora hang about in the college, gives the college more character in my opinion.

  11. I once had the imperial soldier that you can choose to follow in Helgen. He appeared in Whiterun one day and followed me around like a bodyguard. Didn’t even question it lol

    *Dragonborn? Was it your ma or your pa that was the dragon?*

  12. In addition to the other jokes, he might not exactly be welcome back home after supplying you with that Sigil Stone!

    This extended stay is “normal” in vanilla, the Unofficial Patch is supposed to allow him to despawn.

  13. Happens to me every playthrough, I just assume he doesn’t wanna go back to oblivion because he’s in trouble with daddy dagon

  14. Maybe he’s from the Daedra Exchange Program.

    I like to imagine he showed up like “blahhh Mortal your soul shall be min…huh are these rooms individual…”

  15. This happened in the playthrough I’m watching. It eventually got pissed of at the guy’s dwarven armoured mudcrab like everyone does for some gods forsaken reason. Then,while it was attacking the crab, everyone else was attacking it and they couldn’t do damage but it sure as shit could. If you’re interested,go to YouTube and look up Lyle shnub Farkas takes the cure. That episode is pure chaos.

  16. “He was always really quiet, kept himself to himself, kind of a loner….”

    Yeeaah, i’d tell the students to steer clear of studying in the library if i was you….