I found the million Dollar Budweiser can two months too…

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+6110 – I found the million Dollar Budweiser can two months too late.

2022-05-16 14:26:27

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  1. The weird thing is the box it came out of wasn’t even the “million dollar” promo box, it was just a regular Budweiser box which makes me think that this was either a misprint or they just accidentally never shipped out a can with the promotion. Also this wouldn’t have necessarily won me a million dollars but still a pretty swift kick in the nuts

  2. I’ve decided I’m deff gonna reach out to them but I won’t be able to do so until after work. I’ll be back with an update later tonight to let you guys know! Wish me luck!

  3. Damn with all those boxes in the background you look like Veruca Salt’s dad looking for the golden ticket in Willie Wonka.

  4. Everyone finding them after makes it sound like they didn’t send them out until the contest was over. Good marketing to boost your sales

  5. If there were 10,000 of them and only 1 wins, that would mean the expected return on that is $100.


    I’ll bet you can sell it for at least $100 to a collector.

  6. so wait… youre telling me their promotional idea was to send out 10 THOUSAND of these cans and then pick ONE winner?

    that sounds like a complete scam. what are the chances that no one even won? why would they send out 10k cans when only one person can win? how the fuck would they misprint a can like this and have you get it 2 months after the promo is over? makes no sense.

    something isnt adding up here.

  7. DONT OPEN IT! Even if the company doesn’t accept it anymore, you can sell it to a collector who collects budweiser stuff and still make a pretty penny

  8. i say contact them anyway and try ur luck. since it wasn’t claimed before, they might give you a chance or something small but still counts…

  9. finding the can didnt win you the prize. you had to find one then take a picture and post on social media, that would enter you into a separate raffle. you actually didnt even need a can to enter you could just post on the hashtag and still get entered

  10. I work at AB. And I ran the machine that put these into the 12 pack cartons. I’ve never seen one in person before.

  11. I just wanna say that this post has had more interactions than all of my previous posts combined and that in itself is a win for me! Thank you guys for showing your support and interest in this. It Really made my day getting these internet points! 😊

  12. Budweiser marketing department:

    see… he thinks it’s a misprint or whatever sorry excuse he’s trying to convince himself but either way we’re in the clear.

    *[kisses mural of willy wonka]* all hail the great one

  13. Tell them and if they say no, make a huge stink on social media. It shouldn’t have a time limit as one can’t predict when the case would sell. Get it out there on every platform, and get likes, and I guarantee you that you will get something from them to take down your pages. They hate when people can’t trust their promotions.

  14. When I was a kid Coca Cola released special winning cans that when opened a ticket popped up. We opened sooo many coke cans that year.

  15. I would sue. They probably intentionally made it late in the supply chain so time would run out before it was sold