I found Tristana bug (New type of Wallhack)

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+978 – I found Tristana bug (New type of Wallhack)

2022-06-23 05:39:00

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I found Tristana bug (New type of Wallhack) from leagueoflegends

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532 shares, 835 points


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  1. What happened is I ulted Olaf while his ult was on then he oneshot me and I died. Aftera while I hovered my mouse on ult cooldown I saw circle around Olaf.

  2. We hear you loud and clear Summoner! This is a serious in-game bug, thank you for bringing it to our attention so we can adjust it to better match our standards of competitive integrity and clarity!

    We will be buffing Gangplank immediately in an attempt to remedy this, thank you again for your service on the Rift! -Riot

  3. This is a rare bug where the server thinks your client should know this enemy’s location at all times. The “put a circle on top of the target” indicators only make the bug visible like this. Normally, your game does *not* get this information and you cannot wall hack this way, the indicator will just show their location where they left your vision.

  4. This has always been in the game, like vi ult brand ult malz etc, its only useful on junglers to know where they are, especially on eve, basically u can see where she is

  5. So all those people going “Server doesn’t send you player location when they’re in FoW” every time a video surfaced where someone was attacking a recalling enemy randomly with long range abilities were wrong?