i played many scary games but i found nothing as terrifying…

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+4702 – i played many scary games but i found nothing as terrifying as the flood level

2022-06-23 19:44:17

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  1. Seriously, when I reached the planet I was so shocked to find dead aliens , you can feel something else is moving around but couldn’t see. They just nailed this

  2. Even worse when you throw a plasma grenade and it sticks to them, and they keep fucking coming towards you…

  3. For me it was the sudden shift to the horror genre. Up to that point you were slayin’ aliens. Get some. Then suddenly we were greeted with body horror and gore. WTF!

  4. Halo CE, that part where chief watches the Marines run into the structure gave me the Willie’s when I was a kid

  5. I was playing alone in the dark, my heart was racing, and then my cat jumped on my lap. I bout had a heart attack.

  6. Alien Vs Predator on PC. No, not the one published by Sega, but the 1999 game developed by Rebellion. The marine campaign especifically, nothing has made me fear for my life in a videogame like that AvP title. Yes your marine has a ton of weapons, but the Xenomorphs are *fast,* the map is claustrophobic and dark, and that fucking motion tracker is both your best friend and the source of all your fears.

  7. I remember playing this level with my little brother on his 360
    We were scared out of our minds up to this point, we thought there would be some big scary monster, and it seemed like the suspense kept building, and building, until eventually… boom
    Little spider lookin dudes, then my little brother was disappointed “I thought it was gonna be some big cool alien!”

  8. 343 Guilty Spark is a creepy fucking level. Still gives me that sense of dread seeing the Covenant not completely focused on you and seemingly distracted by something you are ignorant to. Then the helmet recording showing the marines being overrun by the Flood.

  9. Back when I was younger 343 Guilty Spark marked the end of the game I could actually finish. I had a second hand console so I ended up with all of the levels unlocked, but my friend and I couldn’t beat any level after the Flood was introduced for ages.

    We eventually managed to finish the game, and even did it later in legendary, but that level and the library after still bring back memories of those feelings of dread the Flood brought.

  10. My horror experience with games had come earlier and were worse. Resident Evil felt like my first real horror game. The guard house i found especially creepy but that game paled in comparison to the first truly horrifying game I played, Silent Hill. I was on edge the whole time but still compelled to push onwards and escape the nightmare. The air raid sirens and shift to a nightmare dimension had profound impacts after the tense exploration of eerie and deserted locations

    Loved Halo but I was too desensitized at that point to be able to find the flood scary. It was just fast paced, tight action craziness. I actually liked the covenant more since the battles felt more strategic and closer to the type of tactics you might encounter in actual combat scenarios.

    Flood was basically just run backwards while shooting or at higher difficulties, run backwards while shooting while aiming well and using weapon types effectively.

  11. It was frantic, but I never got a horror vibe from it. Stumbling on a spider spawner in minecraft elicits more anxiety.

  12. I find it sad that the remastered graphics are so lighted and most of the blood is removed, it takes the horror away. Everything else from the remastered graphics is perfect but the horror was downgraded a lot.

  13. And when you suddenly see marines Vs. Covenant vs watchers vs flood engaged in the most chaotic ffa battle in the snow fields that is peak halo for me. Trying to avoid getting hit by stray fire and remaining undetected while literal blown up ghost and warthog parts fly over your head and wraiths fire plasma from the sky as you make you way through this hell alive. And every single time, due to the ai the scene would unfold completely different. You newer new what will happen aside from a giant battle between. All four factions at once.

  14. When I was a kid (9) my brother bought me the Xbox with Halo and a couple of games more. I tried them all, but Halo was my favourite by far. I continued playing until I reach the chapter where Keyes disappeared, the ‘presentation’ of the Flood. I got so frigging scared that I started the game again. And I did this MANY times, like, I know perfectly every single corner of the first half of the game. Once I discovered that Halo 2 was going out, I tried to face this. And I couldn’t. I just ran away screaming and thinking ‘Please, tell me this is the only level with the Flood’.. Then I arrived at the Library… I never was the same… but I grew stronger! And ended up in time for Halo 2!

  15. Me and my cousin played and beat the campaign of Halo in one night, and it was such a great night. It was the first time I ever played Halo too.

  16. when you said flood level I thought you meant that part in The Last of Us when you’re in the flooded basement of that building and have to switch on the generator and then get out…

  17. I’m part of the NES generation. Didn’t play halo until a year ago. I found this level tedious and repetitive. Now, if you want a scary game, I recommend Alien Isolation.

  18. Ugh I hate the flood, worst part of halo and one of the reasons why reach is my favorite.

  19. Halo is such overrated trash. Big empty spaces, uninteresting combat, copy paste rooms with shitty texture work.

    Terrifying is only possible if you are actually engaged.