I’m sad Wizard 101 never got a physical card game so I…

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+366 – I’m sad Wizard 101 never got a physical card game so I photoshopped what I wish could have been

2022-05-14 16:05:19

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  1. “Alright family who wants to whip out the calculator?” Children will be math geniuses at the end of a session

  2. This is where Grandmother Raven sends your Wizard after they die


    If this game could have a holographic board setup like Cardwars from Adventure time, complete with animations and automatic calculations, I think that “Wizard101: *The Boardgame*” could work pretty well! Shame that sort of technology doesn’t exist yet though ;-;

  3. Honestly they could make it a simplified version- kind of like how Pokémon is. Although people love DND and magic where you need lot of math and calculators so I think they could probably pull it off- at least in theory. Selling it might be tough

  4. When I was in middle school and my parents took away my computer for a week, it was right in the middle of my W101 phase, so I made a bunch of spell cards out of paper and tried to do battles with my sister.

    Didn’t work very well and I kind of tricked myself into doing a lot of math. But I forgot about that until I saw this 😂

  5. Way too many variables that need to be accounted for. Things like: pip chance, damage, resistance, critical etc.

    Assuming kingsisle could figure out how to have these factors determined, the actual game itself would be way too difficult without some sort of knowledge of wizard101. Making their target just w101 players (virtually no one in the grand scheme of things)


    The online MMORPG you all know and love, immortalized in *card form*!!

    A pvp style card game where anyone 10+ can play. You and up to 7 other players can pick between seven different wizarding classes: ice, fire, storm, myth, balance, life and death. together you can strategize and form your decks in order to beat your opponents and save the spiral!

  7. It wouldn’t be hard to do. Make each card function the same. Any random element of the game can be decided with a dice roll.

  8. I always found it weird that compared to the other kid mmorpgs I played like club penguin and free realms that Wiz never had a trading card game. Club penguin trading cards were dope as heck and I think played exactly like the original card jiu-jitsu. Free realms I have a few trading cards but never played them or had anyone to play them with so I have no idea. Wiz practically has a whole combat system centered around collecting cards that act as spells. it’s mind boggling. Therefore wiz is the only one missing from the holy trinity.

  9. Seriously how is this not a thing yet? Sure they’ll have to simply some things but it could be great.

  10. Normal combat def wouldnt work. It would be cool to see a beastmoon hunt boardgame though