I’m tired of this. Please. STOP!

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+1306 – I’m tired of this. Please. STOP!

2022-05-16 12:51:50

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  1. Before, we had hackers. Now, they’ve mostly been replaced with cheaters. Both kinds only serve to ruin everyone’s game. Sigh.

  2. i hate kids who get into public lobbies and ghost with their friends or siblings. ruins the fun because they’re more concerned with winning than actually playing the game the way it’s suppose to be played.

  3. I had an imposter rat out the other two (me and someone else) all because I killed his freaking girlfriend 🤦‍♀️ like seriously dude it’s just a game don’t ruin it for the other ppl in the lobby

  4. I don’t mind people playing with people they know in public lobbies, but for real what is the point on playing this game if you’re just gonna cheat.

    Ngl I always assume these people are trolls and skip.

  5. Seeing people go into discord servers and have others tell them the impostors makes me think that the people who spoiled it should be karmically ejected.

  6. I lost a game yesterday because two people were teaming so me and my impostor friend got voted out because “they saw us kill” both times, even though nobody was around and the lights were off smh

  7. And that’s why I like hosting rooms. I can kick the little sh*ts out once we get back to the lobby. No one really argues, we’re all in agreement.

  8. There was one time I was an impostor and I lied by saying innocent blue killed my friend brown and they were mad at me and believe me. I usually suck at impostor and I can’t believe that lie worked to get me the W lmao

  9. Man I remember one time playing this game with my wife and my cousins. My cousins are both in high school. We were all in the same room and the older one goes “ugh! They killed me!” I’m just like dude it’s alright.

    He says “I probably shouldn’t say this…”

    Me: “so don’t”

    Him: “it was blue”

    Me: “really, man?”

    I think that was the last time I played.

  10. The fun thing to do here is in the next round, just spam emergency vote and tell everyone to vote them for teaming. It usually works and they leave the server.

  11. When I have to play with young family members and they instantly snitch to me, I wait until I have proof before I accuse the imp.

  12. “you killed my cousin” is exactly the last line Niko Bellic said to Dimitri after the incident of “Roman Bellic”
    Sorry outta context… heavily reminded me 14 years ago…

  13. I hate this. My wife and I will play together, but we don’t tell each other what roles we have and we don’t tell each other who the imps are. That’s no fun.

  14. “You killed my cousin”

    ***Cheater Incoming!***

    **Seriously tho, I know how you feel. You gotta beware who you kill, since people can just ring up their cousins or siblings, and they can expose you through that way. HOWEVER, I love the shapeshift ability. When someone accused me like this and say “My brother saw you kill someone” We then skip vote, then I would shape shift into Blue’s sibling (Which was Red) and I made sure I killed Blue while someone was near. Crewmates put two and two together and saw Red (Me as Shape Shift) kill Blue, which was Red’s sibling. After that happened, the crewmates were able to put two and two together, and voted out Red.**


    **After a while, I ended up winning the game, Red and Blue were harassing me saying how I was cheating. How the FUCK was I cheating? I was playing fairly. They later got banned from the session by my friend.**

    ***Justice Served!***

  15. I don’t really understand people asking for proof because this is a social deception game, you can’t exactly send a screenshot of someone killing. You could just be lieing about it and that’s kinda the point of the game. It your word against theirs. The other dude is a asshole either way though

  16. And that is why I only play Shift and seek or hide and seek. Only problem is you have to weed through some idiots to form a good room.