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2022-06-23 12:16:28

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  1. One of the only times I’ve taken Uber Pool I was on vacation in Washington DC during the Fourth of July. My wife and I decided to try it because it was cheaper, the driver picked us up and the other passenger was already there. So the Uber map algorithm had calculated that it was more efficient to drop us off first, even though the other passenger was there first.

    The issue was, this woman was going to the airport and decided to use Uber Pool and started berating our driver for dropping us off first, saying she was gonna miss her flight. The driver tried to explain the app predetermines the route and this woman was just not having it, like full on swearing at him.

    So maybe leave a little earlier or don’t use Uber Pool when you need to be to the airport. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. I’m an Uber driver and boy if I had a nickel every time a passenger was upset and confused there was another passenger on UBER POOL

  3. There should be an Uber Pool reality show like taxi cab confessions but with a group of strangers. It’s all people desperate enough to save a few bucks who are not afraid of confrontation, in fact they chose it

  4. Honestly I don’t think people think about the “pool” part. They just see lower $ and click

  5. Bartending and I trip with champagne flutes in my hands cutting my middle finger to the bone. My boss gives me a Togo bag to contain all the blood. I ask to go to the hospital and they ordered me an UBER POOL. So I’m in the back of the car blood is everywhere I’m getting super woozy. He stops and picks up two more faires, then he drops me at the hospital. One of the most surreal experiences in my life.

  6. Cheap fucks. Or terrible money management during a recession, shouldn’t have had a wedding in the first place

  7. *Image Transcription: Twitter*

    **nicole boyce**, @nicolewboyce

    I was just in an uber pool with a couple going to their WEDDING and they had the audacity to be mad at ME for joining the pool even though they chose UBER POOL on their WEDDING DAY

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  8. “this wouldn’t have happened in the Julia Roberts movie that I am entitled to expect my life to mirror.”

  9. I had a lady join the Lyft pool I was in on her way to the courthouse, about ten minutes before her appointment.

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