Is it ok for a trans girl (mtf) to still like other girls?

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2022-06-23 18:48:49

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  1. Welcome, fellow Transbian! In all seriousness, gender and sexuality are distinct. You like what you like, regardless, and that is cool

  2. I understand why you might be asking this question, but just wait for the day when you know how silly of a question that is. Of course you can, people don’t transition to become straight! Gender doesn’t hinge around sexuality!

    Transbians are very much real!

  3. The majority of trans women are actually lesbians, also with a lot of bi-/pansexuals in the mix. Only a minority is strictly heterosexual.

    In mainstream media, trans women are often portrayed as being attracted to men by default which is really misleading and also made me feel very hesitant and insecure about my gender identity for quite some time.

    TL;DR You’re fine! πŸ˜‰

  4. Yes because you’re a girl!
    Girls like other girls
    Its normal
    Congrats on finding you’re true self BTW!πŸ’œ

  5. Its perfectly fine! You like who you like, and as long as you are happy, thats all that matters!

  6. Lol omg yasss girl it’s fine. Your not alone. Just remember girls hate that aggro masculine bullshit

  7. I don’t mean this to sound rude, but that’s like finding out you aren’t vegan and then wondering if salad can still be your favorite food, who and what you are attracted to is and always will be valid.

  8. Absolutely. Just like how there are gay trans men. Sexual orientation and gender identity are two different things. Trans people can have any orientation just like cis people.