ItS NoT A MeNtaL ILLnesS

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+541 – ItS NoT A MeNtaL ILLnesS

2022-06-23 21:33:35

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  1. It’s called Apotemophila, or so I learned from Matt Walsh’s, What is a Woman. The analogy of transgender surgery to transable is being crowdsource investigated here:

    I’ll be sure to add this story to the growing examples of evidence.

  2. I mean, anyone pro-T in LGBT should see the is as logically consistent. It’s on the same level of absurdity.

  3. Just in: Leftists defend Jewels decision to go blind, citing smaller carbon emissions since she cannot drive. Some sources say its actually an asset because she now saves money on gas!

  4. As an autistic man, these people trying to identify as something I have legitimate issues with makes me angry.

  5. Wouldn’t a well placed self inflicted gunshot wound delivered precisely into your own brain pan be a better life if you knew better with vision!

  6. As a person who was disabled at birth when I see this shit I’m straight disgusted in humanity. You are essentially shaming all of us who have suffered to get where we are in life.

  7. This October, reports surfaced that a psychologist deliberately blinded a North Carolina woman named Jewel Shuping, per her request.