Jagmeet Singh responds to question about CPC MPs meeting…

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+1415 – Jagmeet Singh responds to question about CPC MPs meeting with convoy organizers

2022-06-23 20:21:45

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  1. This is the list of MPs who met with convoy organizers yesterday.

    > On Wednesday, 23 Conservative members attended meetings with convoy spokesperson Tom Marazzo, convoy director of security Daniel Bulford, advisor to former U.S. president Donald Trump Paul Alexander, and Canadian soldier James Topp, who is currently on a march across Canada protesting vaccine mandates.


    > * Marilyn Gladu

    > * Arnold Viersen

    > * Dean Allison

    > * James Bezan

    > * Mellisa Lantsman

    > * Dan Muys

    > * Ted Falk

    > * Leslyn Lewis

    > * Alex Ruff

    > * Jeremy Patzer

    > * Jamie Schmale

    > * Martin Shields

    > * John Barlow

    > * Ryan Williams

    > * Warren Steinley

    > * Damien Kurek

    > * Gerald Soroka

    > * Scott Davidson

    > * Chris Warkentin

    > * Corey Tochor

    > * Tako van Popta

    > * Cheryl Gallant

    > * Kerry-Lynn Findlay

  2. Really well worded answer from Jagmeet Singh. Isn’t blaming the current government, provides context, encourages meeting people outside of their politically leanings and is a straight forward message. Refreshing to see him speaking like this.

  3. Wow, I’m very pleased with that answer, he’s very accurate in his statement im glad he labeled it as a occupation and not a protest, we all know it was an occupation. Also out of their 8 absurd demands #1 was for our democratically elected prime minister to resign, not to mention a bunch of other crap.

    Im happy he’s calling it the way it is/was and not sugar coating it, but still being professional about it, and not calling them dumb chucklefucks like I do.

  4. I’ve never liked NDP my whole life but right now they’re actually pulling at my vote strings.

  5. Jagmeet is a fine human.

    Convoy parasites are trash.

    Sadly, energy is contagious. That includes hate.

  6. Fairly succinct. Sadly the majority of people most in need of reflecting on this will never hear it, and those who do will by and large discount it.

    I believe we are in for some dark times.

  7. Conservatives oppose parliamentary democracy. They are enemies of Canada. The sooner we see past this ‘vaccine mandate’ gaslighting and recognize this mob for what they are – the sooner we can unite and organize to fully defend our democracy. Make no mistake – the attack on democracy is global and this is what it looks like in Canada. Rise up good people – your country needs you!

  8. He speaks well without notes. Keep a good eye on this man. We should be seeing a lot more of him in the coming months and years.

  9. Jagmeet comes across as such a well spoken and even-keeled man. I really wish he had an honest chance to win an election, both because I’d love to see the NDP try their hand at governance since both other sides have shown they have issues actually helping Canadians, and because he just seems like a decent person, which I think is important in a leader.

  10. I am so glad that the reporter asked this question outside of Parliament. Singh’s response was perfect. If this same question were asked in Parliament. Jagmeet’s answer would not have been heard over the Baboon Howl’s of the Conservatives. Well Done.

  11. Singh is my bae, he is definitely not bought and won’t ensure his wealthy supporters stay rich like every other politician in Canada 🥰

  12. These idiots are aware that if civil war kicks off they’re not going to be fighting “liberal cucks” or “coastal elites,” they’re going to be fighting the military, who, unlike the cops, are going to be more aggressive right?

  13. Well said.

    I wonder what is the percentage of the people who support the convoy and voted in the last election?

    I’m glad Trudeau never met with those assholes, the whole movement is childish as fuck.

  14. Perhaps the first time I have ever agreed with JS. As far as the CPC is concerned I believe they are lost and if they continue down this path will hand the Liberals another easy win.

  15. If his platform shifted just a little I would proudly vote for him but he’s a little too far left for me at this time.