Jordan Peterson has limited who can reply to his tweets,…

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+1219 – Jordan Peterson has limited who can reply to his tweets, presumably to protect his feelings, while being an abject sleazebag transphobe, deadnaming Elliot Page

2022-06-23 17:19:50

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  1. I thought he had a fit and said he was leaving Twitter.

    For a clinical psychologist the dude has some major emotional and addiction problems.

  2. Jordan is creepy. Why doesnt my body thing apply to Trans with the Right wing people? Jordan has no right to judge Elliot.

  3. Someone should tell Benzo McMeatcoma that the only people that care about sins are fucking Xtians.

  4. Why does these conservatives keep shitting on doctor’s , physicists and scientists? As if some self claimed “intellectual” knows better than the real experts 😒

  5. Damn, what a creepy ass tweet. Say like you just mute the terrible transphobia for a second, it’s a really nasty tweet. Works on so many levels. Stick to the granny pube dreams Jordo.

  6. Wait, who performed Elliot’s mastectomy? Was a crime actually committed somewhere or is JP just slandering?

  7. What a complete fucking scumbag. Peterson wants to live in a fascist society so goddamn bad and he isn’t ashamed of it in the slightest bit.

  8. It’s like he is trying to be as insulting as possible to trans people so that he will get in trouble with the human rights commission in Ontario, then he can claim that he was right in saying that he was about bill c-11 even though the things he said previously would be illegal are not close to the extreme things he is saying now.

  9. How is it criminal to remove someone’s breasts? So when my aunt had cancer and had her breasts removed was that also a crime?

  10. Even as a cis woman, I could chop off my tits for any reason I want, it’s my fucking body.

    I bet he doesn’t think dangerously massive breast implants should be illegal…

  11. What a pansy!! He can talk all that shit but can’t handle when it comes his way. Pathetic

  12. I have no idea who this guy is, but seeing him retweet an obvious rage bait article from the New York Post tells me all I need to know.

  13. If you venture over to his sub, you’ll see that those who care about him and enjoy his work are as alarmed as you are.

  14. Jordan Peterson can’t admit he just hates trans people lol he always tries to act like it’s some intellectual or moral statement he’s making

  15. I haven’t seen Elliot act in anything post-transition, I’m excited for the new season and what Viktor is gonna be like, he seems cool

  16. I was watching umbrella academy and saw this I had no idea page transitioned IRL lol I read the UA comics so I and they already changed a few things so I just thought it was apart of pages character now known as victor’s relationship character development since the character was in love with that women

    Honestly it didnt really change much to the overall show i still personally enjoyed it and props to the director for meshing it with the story as best as they could so it wasn’t like the character just woke up one day and decided to be trans.

    But with that being said we should normalize men playing female characters if the actor can pass as a women and there a good actor why not let them? Y’know if I ever direct a show or movie I am definitely going to do that and see how it goes

  17. Funny that he would protect his tweet from unwanted opinions. Isn’t he all about “free speech”?

  18. Pride being a sin doesn’t mean being proud of yourself. The “sinful” pride is more like arrogance. Pride in the LGBTQ+ sense means more like a sense of confidence and self acceptance. And it’s totally ok to be proud of your accomplishments too!

    Homeboy needs a dictionary. What an absolute dumbass! The irony is he’s full of the “sinful” pride in this statement.

  19. Criminal physician? What? LOL it’s a legal procedure for trans men, let Elliot live his own life and mind your own fucking business Peterson.