Just rolled into the dealership. One battery weighs more…

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+2069 – Just rolled into the dealership. One battery weighs more than my Jetta

2022-06-23 20:05:16

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  1. The trucks around me are powered by the methane collected off the dump itself. Pretty neat system

  2. These trucks suck. The 70 mile range is unloaded. We barely got small routes done and the battery couldn’t be recharged to 100% before the next morning. Sent both trucks we ordered back.

  3. As a trashman, let me say that the American appetite for consumption makes this thing pretty useless.

  4. What’s the final drive situation like? Motor per wheel or is the power divider in use? Does it have diffs?

    Edit: Two-speed rear-ends, dual 100 hp motors, per each axle. Wrightspeed Geared-Traction-Drive (GTD).


    Also, California – Rolling blackouts due to lack of electricity, No A/C or lights.

  6. I smell lots of burning garbage trucks in the future. Stinky fires that take days to completely extinguish due to the batteries.

  7. Ill never get electric for trucks, of something we should be focusing on Hydrogen ICE/Cells for stuff like this.

  8. >One battery weighs more than my Jetta

    Not to mention your Jetta is better for the environment.

  9. I like how someone with all the data assesses the options available, chooses this vehicle, then all the experts on Reddit decide it’s not suitable. If it couldn’t do the job, they probably wouldn’t have bought it!

    One of the rubbish companies here (I.e. a for-profit private firm) has a bunch of electric rubbish trucks. Wouldn’t keep spending millions on them if they weren’t suitable for the job and profitable. https://www.wastemanagement.co.nz/news-and-media/electric-waste-truck-to-service-university-of-otago/

  10. And the wonderful thing is it is recharged using either coal or natural gas!! How many kilowatts does it take to recharge it I wonder.

  11. So concrete and asphalt takes a shit load of CO2 to manufacture and lay.

    We switch to all electric with the current technology. The cars and trucks weigh 1.5 to 2 times as much as the gas equivalent.

    The road will need to be repaired more often causing the same CO2 usage.

    …. Circles.

  12. I see what appears to be numerous hydraulic lines, so technically, not 100% Electric as advertised. Electric actuators that are intended to be drop-in replacements for hydraulic cylinders have been around for some time, however they tend to be more expensive, have way more moving parts internally, and perhaps not yet proven in a harsh outdoor environment.

    If this truck is in fact running a conventional hydraulic system, it would seem like a bit of a missed opportunity. Electric actuators tend to be more efficient, without the heat loss of hydraulics, and without the inevitable leaks, mess, noise and weight of the power unit and reservoir. Maybe there’s reasons why they,ve stuck with the same old same old, but maybe they’re just not thinking that far outside the box yet.