Legault says he’s against multiculturalism because not all…

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+2611 – Legault says he’s against multiculturalism because not all cultures are equal

2022-06-23 22:15:03

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  1. misleading headline. plenty wrong with CAQ and Legault’s empty attacks on multiculturalism but he said “It’s important that we don’t put all cultures on the same level” **in terms of government cultural policies**. He didn’t simply declare “some cultures are better than others” or something like that.

    edit: i’ll also point out that Legault’s argument is a fallacy because *the Canadian government does the same thing*. There is no “putting all cultures on the same level”, that’s a straw-man argument here. The Canadian government promotes Canadian culture, plain and simple – we just also recognize that the British were only a single group among several that make up what Canada has become, which was *always* was a mix including French, First Nations and ever-increasing numbers of newcomers.

    Quebec is really no different, but politicians and nationalists have an interest in pretending otherwise.

  2. Saudi Arabia has a culture. I think it would be unfair to say that Canada’s culture is equal to a culture where treating women like property is the norm. Our culture is better than that, we as a people are better than that.

    What he’s saying sounds really bad, but you really take a minute to think about it, he may have a point.

  3. Hes kinda right. Some cultures aren’t compatible with western beliefs.

    That being said if you’re willing to be a nice guy and accept people, regardless of ur culture, ur good in my book

  4. Y’all should get your politics elsewhere than Reddit. It’s completely rotted your brains

  5. To be fair, everyone who calls themselves “progressive” inherently implies that cultures are not equal.

  6. >“It’s important that we don’t put all cultures on the same level;

    That does not translate well in English.

    *On me mets pas tous les cultures sur le mĂŞme niveau* to me in French sounds more like “we’re not going to paint everyone with the same brush” or even “every bird has different feathers.”

    The way it was said in English almost makes it sound derogatory, as though some cultures are on a higher level than others.

    I don’t think that’s what he meant though. At least, I hope not lol.

  7. Yet another example of r/canada falling for obvious clickbait because it says quebec bad

  8. Scenario: person X is leaving country X for the opportunity and progress in country Y.

    Person X should embrace the culture of country Y and should not try to change country Y into country X because the very same problems will then rise in country Y.

    What would make all cultures equal? Individual people are of equal value, yes. But cultures, no.

  9. Okay everyone. Read the goddamn article. He is not talking about if a culture is superior to another. He isn’t saying other cultures are inferior to his. Read the goddamn article.

  10. Sheesh wtf je suis étonné des commentaires, je pensais que ça allait encore être plein d’insultes envers les maudits Québécois

  11. I love all cultures when it comes to the good parts of the culture, the food, languages, mythology, dances…

    Where I start to get wary is stuff like ‘female circumcision’ and then i’ll call anyone who practices that a fucking monster because all it does is cripple women into a life of servitude.

  12. In fairness he right, some cultures think other cultures are subhuman . Its a fact. Nothing new here.
    Glad hes not pretending that everyone is equal becomes we all are not. Not everyone has running water, or even healthcare. Some cultures very little and some have too much.

    Just look at the distribution of the covid vaccine and who got it last.

  13. I’m a non-white quĂ©bĂ©cois and he is right. Nothing controversial here. I’m 50% from another country and I would expect immigrants to assimilate to the culture of this other country if they would immigrate there. It doesn’t mean that you need to cancel your identity as an immigrant. It means that you need to see your duty as more than doing the bare minimum to integrate. Legault said this in the context of the visit of Simon Jolin-Barrette in Paris where he made a speech in front of the AcadĂ©mie française in which Jolin-Barrette reiterated that protecting the french language has nothing to do with ethnicity but everything to do with culture and civilisation (and he means it). Still, you’ll read lazy accusations of CAQ being white supremacists because it’s easier to dismiss them as being mean and evil than to try to understand les QuĂ©bĂ©cois, even if you don’t have to agree with us.

  14. And he’s completely right, Quebec is quebec. Why is it wrong for them to protect their culture and expect people moving to Quebec to integrate in their society instead of expecting quebec society to change for them?

    You move to Japan, you do as they do, you learn the language, the customs, etc.. you don’t form your own little ghetto, refuse to learn the language, and expect people to accommodate the customs of where you came from.. which let’s be honest, if the culture you were leaving was so wonderful, why did you leave it?

  15. How on earth is this controversial? Would anyone here seriously rather live under Pakistani culture than Swedish?

  16. what does “equal” even mean except that perhaps he thinks one is better than another, and that is cultural supremacy… certainly different cultures aren’t the same, but this could be nothing more than a dog whistle

  17. Dear Mr Legault… Canada is changing and Quebec will change too if you want it to or not. While I would love newcomers to Canada to embrace our culture more and weave it into their own that’s not really happening too much. In 20 years the kids growing up will not have a lot of the experiences I did and that’s just the way it is. Canada is an ever changing nation and there is nothing wrong with that.

    Embrace your newcomers, don’t scare them away.

  18. Dude’s totally sailing on Quebec having it’s own immigration policy and France pitching tent on lots of colonies, and acting like Montreal literally doesn’t exist. Then he sells the absurd fear of Quebec losing it’s culture. Quebec culture is as bulletproof as American pop culture, just not as widespread.

  19. He doesn’t say not all cultures are equal, but that there is a priority in the case of QuĂ©bec, so fake headline to start.

  20. To be fair, multiculturalism was Trudeau Senior’s response to Quebec nationalism. Instead of getting to be a distinct society in a larger English Canada, they get to be just one of many distinct societies.

  21. I dont criticize race because theres outliers / good people bad people everywhere. Doesnt matter what colour you are on the palette. But yeah theres some toxic cultural traits out there present all over the world and youd be delusional to say otherwise.

  22. He’s not exactly wrong

    There’s reason why over 400K migrants arrive in Canada annually and not somewhere like Saudi Arabia, Colombia or Sudan.