looks scripted but here

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+558 – looks scripted but here

2022-05-14 11:17:30

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looks scripted but here from thanksimcured

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  1. Definitely not scripted, that’s Trisha and Ethan from h3h3. She is unforgivably stupid, it’s her whole image.

  2. “I wasnt rich my whole life. Like, I feel like I was poor”

    And I *feel* like that’s bullshit

  3. Not really relevant but what is the point in lip syncing to existing audio and adding nothing of substance?

  4. I think anyone who says this unironically should have to wear it like the literal albatross for the rest of their lives.

  5. “stop thinking about it and you’ll get it” me pretending I don’t care about rolling a 6

  6. this is a lip sync why does no one realise that shes really good and hella funny she loves lipsyncing the stupid shit trisha says