Map Interactions (part 2)

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+1151 – Map Interactions (part 2)

2022-05-16 17:27:36

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  1. If I miss my chainsaw sprint and accidentally murder bessie, I wil never forgive myself

  2. Love the ideas of killers chilling on their home maps watching each other get looped for five gens like “I’d help but I’m off duty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

  3. I love the last three a ton. Such a good world building idea to show who’s map it is when the killers are not being used.

  4. I legitimately love stuff like this but I’d love it less the eighth time a killer made me think they were giving me hatch but were actually taking me to watch them kill the cow before they kill me.

  5. Considering I already spend *way* too much time petting and booping Maurice, I can only imagine how much time I’d waste feeding and petting the cow

  6. Words cannot begin to express how badly I want some of these to be an actual thing in the game.

  7. I would love this. But we know that bhvr is never gonna make maps feel like actual different maps and not just textures

  8. Why would you have the option of killing a cow you sicko. That’s what the people are for.

  9. Oh my god, this just gives killers way more personality when they’re not even in the matches. I love it! Plus that cow’s gonna die a good thousand times lol

  10. I can imagine a killer slugging the last survivor and taking them to the cow just to kill it in front of them.

    I can also imagine survivors using the cow as a body blocker.

    The first one makes me not really want the cow in the game because there are people who would take that cow being killed really hard.

  11. Feel like the killer ones are a little cheaty. Like if you’re on Lampkin and The Shape isn’t in the window, you know that he’s the killer.

  12. Gosh the night time corn map is such an aesthetic, and I wish they’d bring back a variant of it. Like a daytime/nighttime corn map would be cool.

    These interaction ideas are neat!

  13. Lmao.

    Rock more aggressively.

    *survivors looping around trying to escape killer.

    *disturbed visitor rocks faster and slower the whole time*