Mapping How to Laugh Online in Different Languages

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+6537 – Mapping How to Laugh Online in Different Languages

2022-06-23 15:57:44

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  1. I like how the comment section is filled with people complaining that their country’s laugh is wrong. Makes me wonder if *anything* on this map is correct.

  2. Most expressions depicted in French-speaking African nations are also used in France (some more than others):

    * MDR: mort de rire ~ LOL
    * PTDR: pété de rire ~ LMAO
    * XPTDR: stronger variant of PTDR, extrêmement pété de rire

    “haha” and “LOL” are also very common.

  3. Nobody says “kkkk” in Portugal. We say “Hahaha”.

    Brasil uses “kkkk” and “rsrsrs”

  4. In Brazil, there are:







    And sometimes, people just:



  5. In portugal it is “haha”, “kkk” is used in a minority and in general when writing with brazilians. lol , also used a lot , but to refer to something absurd or ridiculous and not really laugh.

  6. In Japanese the wwwww might have come from warau 笑う. Since www kinda looks like grass people occasionally write kusa 草, which means grass, for laughing.

  7. portugal doesn’t laugh like “KKKKKK”, thats how they laugh in brazil.

    god damn people always think portugal is brazil or sum shit

  8. The person responsible for this map knows shit about languages.

    This map is like my english, a bad shit

  9. Arabic in Angola? But its official language is Portuguese. The country is even Catholic majority. What’s up with that?

  10. In Portugal is hahahaha some use kkkk but I wouldn’t say it is the majority or even close

  11. Disappointing that Taiwan is not labelled and, from is coloration, appears to be lumped in with China.

  12. Korean should be ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Nobody laughs in Korea with the alphabet.. ㅉㅉ

    + in Japan, (笑) can also mean the equivalent of lol and ワロタ would be lmao

  13. As a turk i never see any other one laugh as dkdkdkdkdk, never once!

    We use hahahahahaha and karen girls use sjsjsjsj