Me and my lifelong Trek fans, photographed.

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+999 – Me and my lifelong Trek fans, photographed.

2022-06-23 20:25:44

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  1. This meme is the perfect example of how I felt after Enterprise had ended when both Orville and Discovery showed up at roughly the same time.

    I still consider Orville more “Star Trek” than both Discovery and Picard. It’s blindingly obvious that MacFarlane is a bigger fan than any of the newer producers will ever be.

  2. I was really worried about NuTrek til Strange New Worlds came out… then I breathed a sigh of relief.

    Picard Season 2 was *better* but I’m hoping it figures itself out in Season 3.

  3. WORD!
    Though I gotta say, I am loving strange new worlds and I wish they would have approached discovery and Picard the same way they are approaching SNW.

  4. why all the hate for discovery? great special effects, complex story telling, acting is good for the most part.

  5. Lifelong Trek fan here. I’ve seen every single episode. Pretty much everything but TAS 3-4 times.

    I’ve watched most new Trek at least twice. I haven’t started Orville New Horizons yet. I probably won’t until the season is done. I liked Orville well enough, but I thought Discovery was better. I think Lower Decks is significantly better. Strange New Worlds might be the best series in Trek.

  6. Im a full season behind the moikel burnham show.. i mean discovery.. is itback to interesting yet, or more about just her narrow story?

  7. Orville is running the risk of losing me for the same reason that Discovery did – taking a bad actor (Sonequa Martin-Green on Discovery, Anne Winters on Orville) and shoving their character into a central role episode after episode. It’s really, really distracting. It’s what made me drop Discovery and if Charly keeps showing up as a focus for admiral schmoozing and plot hinging, Orville might too. And that’d be a shame, because there’s still lots of other good things in there, but a bad focus ruins the rest.

  8. Not totally. The trek shows are still better. Orville has come a long way but each week I play a game with my friend called which two Trek episodes did they put together to make an Orville episode.