Me trying to go about my daily life between now and wotlk…

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+522 – Me trying to go about my daily life between now and wotlk launch

2022-05-16 17:42:10

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  1. I’m sure a large part of it is just my personal nostalgia for wrath, but I wasn’t nearly this interested in TBCC. I still took off work for launch and went pretty hardcore, but from announcement to launch I mostly just did other things. With WotLK, everything reminds me of something in Wrath so then I wind up daydreaming again

  2. I’m going to have to mentally block out that he gets canonically reduced to a sword fart in the afterlife so I can properly enjoy the expansion

    That fight where he’s slowly walking after you… I can’t wait to relive the panic attack

  3. I just got a Wotlk board game from my friends.. so yeah.. quite literally. But hey, I can play it early in a way.

  4. What even is classic wow now, its beginning to become WoW retail 2.0 but this time they know what they fucked up with so they can just do it again.

  5. I left Classic TBC around when SSC came out because I got burnt out on the game again. I told myself I’d probably never go back now. I think I’d sub the woltk classic…..