microsoft kinda cringe ngl

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2022-06-23 04:06:55

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  1. Mojang has left moderating up to their community for 12 years, and not a soul has complained about it. Why change it.

  2. For you guys out there who want realm capabilities, Hypixel SMP is where it’s at. Half the price, pay once, keep it forever.

  3. Since there seems to be a lot of confusion, the way it works is:

    1. Game now cryptographically signs messages you send, this means it can be proven you wrote a message yourself.
    2. Report includes these signature, so Mojang can tell when they receive a report that it’s absolutely written by you.
    3. Client mod can disable signing, so you cannot be reported if you get such a mod.
    4. Server can decide not to include signatures in chat even if you send them, so you cannot be reported if you play on such a server.
    5. Servers can decide not to allow clients that do not sign messages to join, so they can mitigate 3 easily if they want to make sure reports work on their server.
    6. This is for *all* Java servers, private ones included, although as stated above it can be disabled by server plugins easily.
    7. Every time you connect to a server, you authenticate through Mojang, so it’s trivial for them to ban people from all online play.
    8. Since the reporting is implemented this way, Mojang has no access to other messages sent that are not included in the report, so this means it’s impossible for them to judge the context of your messages. This is obviously problematic.

    I don’t know how the banning part of the report system is implemented, but it’s possible they will go for something more lenient (e.g. telling the server someone is banned but letting the server decide if they want to honour the ban) before it’s fully released. Servers will also be able to let you play by disabling online-mode, but this brings a number of other issues so it’s unlikely large public servers will do this. You can theoretically use this to still play on your own servers though.

  4. Could you create a world that is a previous version in the launcher and not have this problem?

  5. It’s good that the community is taking notice of shenanigans, but what would refusing to update to 1.19.1 accomplish? Is the point to just not use the version with these changes?

  6. What sort of stuff do they ban you over?

    What shit does one have to say to be banned from Minecraft?

  7. mojang doesnt have access to chat logs, they can only see what players report to them, and you can only be banned for being reported enough times by other players, not automatically by some bot. unless someone makes a bot that automatically does that

  8. You can also use tlauncher and non-licenced account

    You can’t play official servers like hypixel or something, but you can type “boobies” in chat in your lan world

  9. Kinda cringe ngl.

    First off, who is “our”? Those certainly aren’t my demands. Are they yours and people you agree with online? A group of friends?

    D1: You do realize _what_ Realms are supposed to be, right? They’re supposed to be a secure Mojang-backed alternative to third party servers. It doesn’t make sense not to put effort into securing them. It’s literally their ballpark, they can’t let abuse happen there.

    D2: Personally, I’m all for universal bans even though I recognize their limited effectiveness. I mean, it’s the same thing as getting banned from any public server, the offending player will just make a new account and I’m not sure of a way (outside of something invasive like IP bans or ID verification) to remedy it. However, I believe a server’s whitelist should supersede the ban. Easy for massive public servers to keep people out but still lets you play with friends outside of Mojang’s territory.

    3. As I said before, I think universal bans will be a great tool for public servers, and reporting behavior in one should easily carry over to others that most likely want to avoid that behavior as well. I will say that, in addition to whitelists superseding bans, all reports should also go through the servers’ moderation teams so that they can weigh in, saying, “That language/behavior is acceptable on this server.” in a vie for leniency, as well as to allow for internal controls to deal with troll and baiting reports. It would also be good to enable servers to require age verification to allow for less child-friendly servers to keep children out.

    D4: My guy, have you tried to make a server? Realms are Mojang’s intuitive creation tool for servers. They also constantly add backend tools for server management. If you want intuitive servers, you either go through third party services or you go through Realms. You can host a server on your own, but that’s literally networking. I have no knowledge on how complex networking can be in comparison with Minecraft, but even I was able to run a server through a third party (ApexMC).