Moscow: DM Tower business center catches fire this morning.

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+4136 – Moscow: DM Tower business center catches fire this morning.

2022-05-16 17:00:51

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Moscow: DM Tower business center catches fire this morning. from UkraineWarVideoReport

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692 shares, 851 points


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  1. Sooo, what do you guys think about this? These kind of fires are obviously too frequent to be just accidents. I think we can all agree on that. But what or who do you guys think is behind this? A secret organisation? Random Russians who don’t support the war? Maybe Ukrainians? Let’s speculate but not share any real information.
    I want to think its some sort of rebel group, an organisation of saboteurs. But that thought might be too “romantic”.

    Well let’s hope it carries on and makes a difference!

    Slawa Ukrajini

  2. There is no words able to describe how pleasant it is to see Russia burning little by little , sweet sweet feeling

  3. Russian Media- the fire was caused by “shuffles deck” a damn cigar! Not a cigarette this time. In other news..

  4. Yahoo!! I’ve been craving fire videos from
    Russia for a couple of days now. I haven’t seen any or i’m blind lol.. got worried whoever do these got arrested! Glad they’re back at it again.

  5. You know what will make this better?

    A happy meal.

    They should just cheer up and go buy a happy meal- oh wait. Never mind.

  6. What does this have to do with Ukraine war? IDK. But there seems to have been a rash of fires since Feb 24. Lots of lighting, bad electrical wiring, unfortunate accidents. Now a modern building specifically for the upscale and well to do techies catches fire. Could be a common event. Might be a protest. I’d leave the post up and see what new “news” might come of it. Can always take it down tomorrow.

  7. Take the fight to them. Even if it shall be guerrilla tactics. They are all to happy to murder civilians, so…

  8. Russian businessman 1: we are drowning if debt!
    What do we do?

    Russian businessman 2: burn down our building, take insurance money, and leave country.

    A day later…fire breaks out…

    Russian firefighter: a fire! Anybody know what happened!

    Russian businessman 2: fucking ukranians did it!

  9. I think Russia has a problem with fire’s now? Or are they trying to tell Putin something?