My 1974 Volkswagen SP2 project

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+668 – My 1974 Volkswagen SP2 project

2022-06-23 20:26:15

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My 1974 Volkswagen SP2 project from projectcar

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402 shares, 822 points


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  1. as a 50 year old car nut, thank you OP for introducing me to a car I never knew existed. After research it makes sense since this is a Brazillian model and they always had wierd rules down there resulting in such flavors.

    Its intriguing how compact the engine compartment is.

    The flares are a nice add, the overall flow of this vehicle is quite sexy, unfortunate the HP’s were never there… nothing that cant be fixed today. Thank you again, looking forward to seeing this project progress.

  2. To com um puma GTS 78 parado há 2 anos . Fazendo tudo: chassi, fibra , pintura , retifica completa do motor, kit turbo, circulação externa de óleo com radiador, injeção eletrônica … Tudo!

  3. Man. I’ve always daydreamed about bringing one of these into the states. How much do they go for nowadays down there?

  4. I didn’t even know this car existed. I saw the IG page and it looks like a kind of standard VW platform with the rear engine the flat detachable floor pan. Very interesting. This must be extremely rare or nonexistent in the United States. Looks like a great build. Good work.