My TF2 Experience

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+4392 – My TF2 Experience

2022-05-16 17:23:30

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My TF2 Experience from tf2

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272 shares, 809 points


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  1. Wasn’t the F2P mute supposed to be a temporary solution? It’s been like this for 2 years now bruh

  2. I am surprised one of the first things i did here was the scream fortress experience. (and my first scam was like 3 keys worth of items so rip)

  3. Damn, I went straight for choosing class to communication is unavailable for this account.

    More than an inconvenient time to join the party to say the least

  4. As a f2p, I can relate to that last part. I can’t call for a medic, spy, or voice chat. This game is ass.

  5. But wouldn’t you have to pay for the game before to play it? so you don’t really need to pay for more.

  6. How are you being able to trade and being a f2p (since you did show that you can’t communicate)?