My work places diarrhea eagle award.

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+8357 – My work places diarrhea eagle award.

2022-06-24 00:45:47

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462 shares, 828 points


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  1. *When you’re flying to your home and you feel something foam…*



  2. As you can see right here the feet of this specimen have been dipped in the substance of which we speak

  3. In the soldier support center on Fort Bragg there is a trophy that looks like a giant butt plug

  4. Nahh, that’s Odin accidentally letting some of the Mead of Poetry drop upon all the untalented, noisome “artists” of the world. Hah.

  5. I can’t help but feel this is intentional. If your going to make a stand, don’t do it like thisZ

  6. Do you hear that noise coming from our hero ? That is the sound of courage, ladies and gentlemen. It’s like an eagle screech, and I can’t hear it enough. And neither can any of you.

  7. Actually I didn’t notice what was wrong until I read the title. Oof you ruined it, it kinda looked cool

  8. At first I thought, “Well, where else are they supposed to put the stand?”, then I saw the pile.

  9. Man this hit me like a fucking train. I’m sitting here like what the fuck is this person talking about and then all the sudden it just washed over me like a fucking tsunami of hilarity

  10. I can’t think of a witty way to say this, but the cancelled 90’s arcade game Tattoo Assassins features a finishing move where an eagle skeletonizes your opponent with a spray of acid diarrhea. Thanks for reading!

  11. You must have to fuck up stupendously to have received this award that your company’s stock dropped to rock bottom and then it get bought by a much bigger company that 10x’s everyones shares. The Shitbird Eagle.