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2022-06-23 17:28:30

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  1. Christian Horner is one of the only bosses willing to take the time to do interviews. I admit that he loves the camera but he does a great job at talking. Plus check Twitter whenever he is talking and see how much people come out to complain, making people want to see what he is saying, Sky know exactly what they are doing.

  2. I think no one else really agrees to more media. And I believe he does it because he’s damn good at it. Next time he’s speaking take the time to realise how articulate he is, how informative and concise he is. Never jumbles his words or wonders off topic. If you’re not one of these intolerant people that claims you can’t stand the mere sound of his voice he’s actually very valuable for the viewer.

  3. Toto is always inside and mattia doesn’t talk too much. Even with his drivers he speaks in italian

  4. I’ve always heard “British bias” about Sky, which having Horner would go along with that thinking.

    I just think it’s because Horner is the most willing to talk, enjoys stirring up shit, and will more often than not give up great sound bites.

    Way more entertaining than most principals, except maybe Gunther haha.

  5. He’s just agrees more to media.

    There’s a reason why Toto and Binotto don’t have a large TV presence.

    While Hoerner is participating in pit wall broadcaster interviews, Toto is seldomnly ever found outside of the Mercedes garage where the media isn’t allowed.

    That’s very much conscience decisions over biases

  6. I think it’s worse during non race times (ie practices). Also Ted’s undying love for Lewis is as admirable as it is annoying.

  7. Brought to you by the TV channel who showed Max hitting the wall at 54G with the tagline “Merry Christmas”

  8. That’s because Horner is one of if not the most interesting team principal. He literally acts like the villain of F1 and he has some amazing burns. Like him or not, F1 would be less interesting without him and Marko constantly stirring up shit.

  9. I thought it was strange we really didn’t see much of Charles coming from behind and last year anytime Hamilton was coming from behind you saw every setup and pass.

  10. Sky itself isn’t biased, but their pundits are.

    Ted is super fun and eccentric, though he is clearly a big Hamilton fan.

    Nico will in equal parts praise and criticise Lewis, usually to put himself up as a pedestal lol

    Damon is usually pretty biased towards Lando and Russell I feel, but I like his punditry tbh

  11. Last seasons Sky broadcasts felt like I was watching a movie about Lewis Hamilton, but I have to say this year I think it’s been different

  12. “Christian is a bit of a windbag who wants to be on camera” – Toto during an interview with Sky F1 ![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|6698)

  13. You’re delusional, just listen to them talk about Ham, even in races where he’s running 13th they don’t stfu about him lol

  14. Because they try to use everything he says against him, Max and RBR. Also because he is the only one gifted as a speaker, very experienced and knowledgeable in everything F1 related.

  15. Wow so they show some of the team principals of the top teams, 😮

    It’s almost like they don’t show Toto and Mattia just as much!

  16. Lol nowadays the bias is too obvious , during max vs sainz battle in Canada gp , they just kept mentioning that sainz and max were former teammates for the nth time and nothing much about how they were fighting for the win![img](emote|t5_3ndbi|6700)

  17. We call it a British Bias, and not as much a Mercedes/Hamilton bias. So tell me… what is Christian Horner’s nationality?

  18. The only time you’ll see extended footage of your preferred driver is if they’re having a battle with a British driver. Got to see Ricciardo lap after lap being followed by Norris at Baku despite neither of them being that quick.

  19. TBF I feel like every time I hear Horner I support Red Bull less…

    Edit: Why down votes? I’m saying Sky coverage is biased towards Merc… 🤣

  20. Didn’t they mostly talk to Toto Wolff last season? I thought they speak to Christian Horner a lot this season because Max is the current WDC. You still see Toto milling about and in interviews too, just not as frequent as the years before.

    Also you have to admit Horner is very charismatic. He always has something insightful to say, even when he is put on the spot.

  21. Tbf I don’t think it’s by choice. They probably send a feeler out to all Team principals and Christian was the only one to say yes every time. Occasionally we get Seidl and Otmar, but my guess is Toto doesn’t want to talk during the race