No Man’s Sky – Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer (October…

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+2719 – No Man’s Sky – Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer (October 7th)

2022-06-23 13:00:55

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  1. This is probably the most interested I am for a game just because of the tech. I’m so curious to see if they actually got it running at a decent frame rate on the Switch. I love NMS and put in a few hundred hours over the years on PlayStation, but even my PS4 used to turn into a jet engine when playing this game.

    Hello Games has learned how to deliver so.. definitely interested.

  2. Played it on launch for PS4 in 2016 and quickly dropped it. Now it’s 2022 and I’m playing it again on PS5.

    Completely different game and the gameplay loop is enjoyable. There’s some repetitive content but still a lot to see, so I’m not bored. Upgrading your character, ship, and multi-tools are great fun!

    If the Switch version doesn’t run like butts, this will be a very good game for people looking to explore.

  3. Digital Foundry is going to have a field trip with this game on Switch!

    This is probably going to be an insta buy for me, unless the port just blows

  4. Played it when it was released on the ps4 years ago. It got repetitive for me, got bored, and moved on. It looks like the game is completely different than the version I played. I might double dip.

  5. No Man’s Sky is worth checking out. It is completely different than it was when it launched in all the best ways possible.

    …But I can’t imagine the Switch port running very well. I would like to be proven wrong.

  6. Dude, maybe I’ll finally buy NMS!

    I’ve watched the whole redemption arc unfold, and I must say, anything as big as this game would be a great experience in handheld.

  7. I bought this game off eBay a few years ago for $10 and have now put hundreds of hours into it on my PS5. Honestly, even if the switch version is rough, I’m thinking about buying it at launch to support Hello Games for the joy I’ve gotten from this game. Plus, if it does work great, handheld no man’s sky will be so fun

  8. Feel like this is going to be another apex legends. Awesome on paper but the reality is the console is just too old and underpowered to run it nicely.

  9. recently picked up no mans sky, and after putting a good amount of hours in i cant really say i recommend it. the multiplayer and co-op features feel unpolished and lack luster, most of the main story missions are the exact same, and grinding through the progression feels unrewarding and stale. cool concept, but i wouldn’t recommend buying the game unless there is a crazy sale on it.

  10. Isn’t an online connection required for this game? I assume there are several years of updates ahead as well. Kind of a weird game to release as a physical cartridge.

  11. It looks like it has the same bugs, like the monolith floating in the air on the left when the ship sequence starts !

  12. I’ve been playing this a lot lately on my Series X. Every time I feel like playing a space exploration game this is the one I come back to. It’s really good and has a little of everything: exploration both in the galactic sense and planetside, base building & customization, starships, dogfighting, freighters, aliens, mechs, cool stories, and on and on. I’m honestly curious if any game will ever come out that outdoes this in the sci-fi space genre

  13. Im so excited for this.

    If they get this running smoothly it’ll be one of the biggest achievments on switch

  14. Excited for this. Hopefully it won’t disappoint but I know it’ll have some concessions for it to work on the switch.

  15. I get pretty severe frame drops on my PC with this game constantly with a half decent build (1060 6GB/Ryzen 5) and it gets worse with every release.

    I cant imagine how poorly it’s going to perform on the switch.

  16. I’m still not sure how this will play on the Switch. It performs terribly on PS, Xbox, and PC.

  17. Will wait to see what performance is like, but these colors are going to look fantastic on the OLED

  18. If this runs well I’ll buy it, already have 100s of hours of NMS on pc and I’d love to play portable.