Off the Rails (2016) Darius McCollum, a New Yorker diagnosed…

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+2170 – Off the Rails (2016) Darius McCollum, a New Yorker diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, has been arrested over 30 times for impersonating transit employees, stealing trains and buses, and driving their routes – complete with making safety announcements and passenger stops. [01:29:30]

2022-06-23 12:11:13

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  1. This is the most recent update on him, infuriating!:

    “ In October 2018, despite our best efforts, a Judge ruled that Darius was dangerously mentally ill. In New York State, after a “mentally unfit” plea, a judge decides how dangerous a defendant is. There are three options. “Track 1” – the most dangerous, to “Track 3” – for non violent offenders. Darius’ attorney fought for him to be designated as a “Track 3” offender, meaning he could receive services while retaining some freedom. The judge, however, ruled that Darius was “Track 1,” the most dangerous assignation available. This was against the recommendation of the state’s psychiatrists, who all testified that Darius is not dangerous and should be “Track 3.” Even “Track 2” would be preferable- Darius would be in a civil commitment, and would not be housed with violent people.
    Currently, Darius is locked away in the Rochester Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. This is a prison facility for the criminally insane- the most dangerous inmates. Darius does not belong there.
    Darius is supposed to have regular retention hearings to decide if he is “still” dangerously mentally ill. And therein lies the problem- Darius is not, and has never been, and will never be, dangerous, nor is he mentally ill. He has a disability. Darius has yet to have a completed retention hearing.”

  2. Kramer: Yeah, yeah, I am Batman. Then the mugger, he comes to and he starts choking me. So I’m fighting him off with one hand and I kept driving the bus with the other, ya know. Then I managed to open up the door and I kicked him out the door, ya know, with my foot, ya know, at the next stop.

    Jerry: You kept making all the stops?

    Kramer: Well, people kept ringing the bell!

  3. Give the man a job, clearly he’s passionate. Most actual employees can’t be bothered to do the job as well as he supposedly did

  4. “Unfortunately I did break the law, but what do we do about the diagnosis that caused me to commit the crime?” – Darius McCollum

  5. Unit 2013: And this here is Frankie. He’s convinced he’s a lunchroom worker, so they put him to work in the lunchroom. [patronising] How is work in the lunchroom, Frankie?

    Frankie: [shrugging] It’s alright.

    Unit 2013: Poor Frankie!

  6. Man just wants a fucking job. Let him do what he loves.

    If you’ve ever seen someone with a developmental disability get a job they are extremely proud of doing a good job as it is an excellent source of external validation for them. You’ll never see a happier person than someone who is receiving credit for their hard work.

  7. My friends nephew was diagnosed with aspergers but you most likely wouldn’t notice unless you were told. But he has one weird trait and that is he is super into transit as well, and has slowly over the years made a trip on every bus line in our area. I wonder what the connection between aspergers and transit may be.

  8. I remember reading something about this guy many years ago. It really sounds like there is a simple solution. Hire the guy.

  9. I was in driving right in front of this guy’s bus as they were chasing him on the Van Wyck Expy back about 10 years ago. I saw his bus and a bunch of police lights in my rear view mirror.

  10. This guy was probably better than most of the employees currently working for the MTA…

  11. They should just give him the job, not like he could be any worse than the average MTA employees.

  12. It’s so stupid. They should have given him a job doing what he loved. He would be an asset to the MTA.

  13. Its a shame to think that if he was never caught when he was 15, that he would have likely been able to just get a job as an actual subway operator.

    Whole life ruined by letting him operate the train before he was an employee. So sad.

  14. please stop sharing documentaries from this channel. they are always either awful reality tv, trauma porn, or fearmongering. this is a terrible channel and it’s designed to appeal to bigoted people.

  15. Why is it always so remarkable he had asperger? This is stigmatizing for the commmunity even if it’s positive because it’s a felony. Imagine if instead of “Apsreger” it said his race?

  16. Some benevolent billionaire should pay to have his cell extended and remodeled to look like conductor and attached passenger train car and just let him live out his fantasy there.

  17. People in autism spectrums are superheroes. They can put a fraction of their mind to anything and see the inner workings.

  18. this was one of the funniest docu’s Ive ever seen. But yeah a little sad they wouldnt ever give him a job.