Oh numbers are low, low……

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+608 – Oh numbers are low, low……

2022-06-23 22:01:01

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  1. Neck tattoos yesterday, no Hs today, who wants to bet tomorrow they’ll bring back military service as an alternative to incarceration?

  2. Surge 2.0: Peacetime Edition here we come. No lie, when I came through in 07 we had whole classes of soldiers in AIT with 20k plus bonuses. I imagine the to greenie weenie start slinging the moneybags before long. If you’re an NCO I’d probably start getting prepped for your hair getting greyer faster than usual.

  3. 3 months until the the leaders of the DOD get dragged in front of congress to explain how every branch failed to meet recruiting goals…

    This is a sign of pure desperation. The FY22 requirement shows it. That means they need people in to make numbers time NOW.

  4. Want to make numbers fast af and retention numbers high… 4 day work week and no messages after 1800 unless it’s a real world deployment.

  5. A bunch of NCOs are reading this tonight and reaching for the bottle. Good luck, ~~babysitters~~ leaders!

  6. Beards? Nah

    Higher wages? Nah

    You know what face tattoos and people who can’t get a GED seem solid.

  7. Pretty pathetic when standards are being dropped lower than “surge” standards and there isn’t even a war on. Hugging my retirement check now.

  8. Can I please get guidance on if this is real or not before I post this in my group chat? I’d rather look dumb here than there

  9. Increase pay, just start there. If the CPI states a certain percentage, just keep up with that number. I get it, the pay change is based on a year or two out from the current year, but right now, the Army is competing with McDonalds’ $17/hour + $2500 tuition assistance. People will not join if the pay is better elsewhere. All volunteer means people will join voluntarily, so boost those benefits past what the private sector offers, and we should see a change.

  10. I enlisted this way, 14 years later I’m about to finish my second bachelors and I’ve spent 42 months in combat. The Army has been good to me.

  11. Here’s an idea;

    Cut NG jobs, stop NG deployments for bullshit political missions like the border, cut useless MOS’s like washing machine repair specialists, and stop fucking paying for a dumbass fitness test that doesn’t work.

    Use the saved funds to pay soldiers better through increased re-enlistment incentives to retain talent and experience, and pivot to a professional peacetime army not an Army of cannon fodder morons…

  12. I think what really matters is standards being upheld in training and unit discipline. If you get a guy who made a few (non violent) mistakes or didn’t do well in school, I wouldn’t hold it against him for using the army to turn himself around—as long as there’s no tolerance for people who don’t shape up. Never judge a book by its cover—but if the inside of the book are scribbles of swastikas and shit stains, throw the book out.

  13. This is some 3D chess though:

    Most of the people in this category are going to be lower class or poor for obvious socio-economic reasons. That means they probably haven’t gone to the doctor more than a limited amount, meaning nothing or only a little for Genesis to find, it’s genius! – Some guy at USAREC

  14. Is the TAPAS still a thing or did it become a thing? If I remember right it was meant to supplement programs like this to make sure applicants weren’t complete shit bags.

  15. soo what is the recruiter NOT actually tellin you??

    you WILL get your GED..IF you plan on staying in..

    well, there always is the airfarce reserves..

  16. Between the tattoo policy and now this, is there a potential for us to be involved in a conflict soon?

  17. Seems reasonable. Not finishing high school doesn’t make you a moron and the ASVAB requirement should filter out people who are intellectually challenged. People from unfortunate circumstances like that should be the Army’s prime manpower pool.

  18. In 2056 the SMA will fondly remark how he enlisted through Operation Bootstrap as he goes on a social media blitz extolling the virtues of the “Death Row to Boots Row” program.