One of the unspoken rules of motorcycling.

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+2193 – One of the unspoken rules of motorcycling.

2022-06-23 19:13:52

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One of the unspoken rules of motorcycling. from motorcycles

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  1. I always do this! Glad you were able to help him out. I’ve turned around for some before to find that the car behind me ran them over 🙁

  2. All fun and games until you realise it’s a set up, and there’s 4 other turtles after climbing onto your bike and tearing off on it into the distance.

  3. This is actually something we were told to do when racing in California D37 desert races when we came across desert tortoises on the course.

    Good on ya, OP.

  4. I can’t emphasize just how much I love this.
    From the rescuing of the turtle (you even kept him in the right direction) down to the immense cackling. Please be my friend.

  5. I do that even in the car. I have gloves stashed for that very purpose. The car serves to block traffic during the operation.

  6. driving thru texas, I filled the bed of my little pickup with box turtles I found alive on the road and drove down a side road quite a ways to release them all.

    Apparently running over living things is a Texas hobby. Mostly armadillos and box turtles. Disgusting people…I dislike Texas a bunch.

  7. Buddy of mine and I were riding our adventure bikes through Jersey, and pulled over to do the same thing. Had to offset the random act of kindness by both riding wheelies away from the scene.

    BTW, I have a 1290 Super Adventure R, and wish I would’ve gotten the smaller one. It’s more fun to go fast on a slow bike than it is to go slow on a fast bike. The street is awesome on that bike, but the woods are sketchy.

  8. Turtles and Tortoises are our animal brothers, they have a hard protective shell on the outside, just like us (when we atgatt), so they’re our kin, we must take care of them.