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2022-06-23 17:10:30

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  1. **Steampunk Recipe:**

    3.5 cans of bronze spray paint

    1 x Pocket watch

    1 x Pressure gauge

    8ft of copper tubing (rubber hose is a fair substitute)

  2. I just want to say, as a twenty-year IT veteran that is possibly the most sick as fuck rig I’ve ever seen.

  3. what is the configuration of the fans to ensure they are properly circulating air? id assume that air circulation would be slightly problematic with this setup (even with the overkill number of fans), but i could very well be incorrect.

  4. Paint that jet black and I’d buy one. I pamper my cards, and my girls like it FREEZING.

  5. When NASA cant even come close to your fan tech, you know you’re doing it right. Noctua, Austrian/German engineering showing the world how it’s done. Meanwhile in Japan, USA, Korea… engineering barely exist compared to Germany!