OPM CH166 Fan Animation

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+2632 – OPM CH166 Fan Animation

2022-06-23 18:23:01

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OPM CH166 Fan Animation from OnePunchMan

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332 shares, 815 points


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  1. Man, this Gave me Goosebumps, when it finally gets Animated offically, it will be legendary!!!

  2. God this whole arc deserves to get adapted by a proper anime studio, the climax is at its absolute peak

  3. It got made very well and impressive animation love it TT
    (Just a guy who get tired from waiting for s3)

  4. Give me every manga episode like this, that’s good enough for me. I don’t need an anime.

  5. So… Garou pretty much pulled a Cell here (ala A16 with Gohan) poor Garou/God doesn’t stand a chance

  6. Honestly it’s impressive that this was produced so fast since the chapter came out yesterday.

  7. Man I had read the ONE webcomic ages ago and was up to date till after the Garou arc and a few chapters into the new arc, so I didn’t bother reading Murata’s version thinking I already know everything that’s going to happen and my god did I fuck up. Came back to this subreddit after what felt like years and I’m seeing a whole bunch of changes and things in the narrative that weren’t in the webcomic. >!Also I’m still mind blown that we had a Blast reveal, because the webcomic foreshadows his appearance a lot differently to almost make him look like Saitama with the same hero outfit and hair only for me to see this insane Murata character design in the manga!<

  8. Ive gotten lazy trying to keep up with the manga…buddy and I are chatting and showed me the “mode” from garous, but didnt give me WHY saitama went serious series. Garou is about to get hit so hard he becomes younger and younger until hes unborn.

  9. Solid work, I’m honestly loving the work being put into these, setting the bar for animators when/if the anime catches up

  10. Imagine showing Saitama something that doesn’t just make him angry at you, but makes him angry at himself. And then you think taking on the persona of Saitama’s face is a good idea.