Over one-third of adults in the United States who have had…

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+2340 – Over one-third of adults in the United States who have had COVID-19 in the past have also had “long COVID.”

2022-06-23 14:33:33

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  1. Can’t believe they collected all that data and didn’t bother asking about vaccination status to gauge its effect on long COVID.

  2. Interesting, I wish they had information on symptom length. 3 months of long COVID would suck. Long COVID for life is what I fear.

  3. I’m getting really tired of the lack of clarity around long Covid as it seems to be an umbrella term for anything from having a lingering cough for a month or 2 to debilitating exhaustion and indefinite breathing problems. I hope better data comes out soon.

  4. There’s not much detail about how the survey was conducted, but if I’m reading the page correctly, respondents were sent a message inviting them to participate in a voluntary survey. Unlike the decennial census, participation is not mandatory, and this survey did not incorporate anonymized medical records or any other data source that could be analyzed without active participation by research subjects.

    That’s important because there’s always the prospect of bias introduced by who is most and least likely to respond to a survey invitation. It seems possible that people who have experienced long COVID were more motivated to respond to the survey than those who have not, leading to an overestimation of its prevalence. Am I missing something in terms of how the researchers might have adjusted for that?

  5. Anecdotally I feel like this is waaaaay too high unless they are counting very mild symptoms. I know probably 20ish people that are very close to me and none have any of these symptoms. The only ones that had lingering symptoms are a few acquaintances that were hospitalized for extended periods from covid.

  6. There seems to be a lot of “mild long COVID” too in the sense that lingering symptoms are not enough to disable or life-altering but are “persistently annoying”. I had a moderate case of COVID, triple vaxxed, in May and a month later I still can barely taste a lot of things, I get more out of breath doing any cardio, and I often “forget words”….like I’m not quite as sharp as I was. But it’s only been a month so I’m not super worried. But sure nothing like any previous cold I had where I felt like crap a day or two then no lingering things at all.

  7. I just had COVID, I’m triple vaxxed, in my 20s and healthy. The pressure in my chest and my cough won’t go away. I’m going to the doctor next week, fingers crossed it’s not long COVID, but certainly feels like it right now.

  8. My long covid (OG strain):

    * about 2 to 3 months of crippling fatigue. walking up a flight of stairs left me winded and sent my heart rate through the roof.

    * about a year of daily chest pain or tightness. usually correlated to exertion. it is mostly gone now but there are times when i run where i’ll feel a spot (right lungs area). i remember having that same pressure spot during the acute part of covid.
    * endless brain fog. it has gotten worse over time, especially this past spring and into the summer. my short term memory is pretty bad. focusing can be impossible sometimes and reasoning through a problem is just downright difficult.

    I’m at about 20 months post diagnosis. Pre-covid i was about 155 lbs and could run a half marathon. I’ve worked back to a slow 3 mile run. I have 2 classes left to finish a masters and it might just take me another year to do since i need so much more time to learn new material.

  9. Without a more precise definition of what long covid is, there is very little value in this data. Almost every illness I have had in my life has lingered for months.

  10. OK, the majority of people I know, personal and at work have had it. A few needed to go to the hospital. None have long COVID.

  11. I currently have Covid. This is my first time ever catching it. I’ve had moderate-severe symptoms, which is surprising considering I’m a relatively fit 23 year old woman. I almost had to go to the ER at one point. Honestly, the way things are going, I’m wondering if I’ll have long Covid too. I’m at the point where all my symptoms are easing up except for the shortness of breath and fatigue, leading me to believe that those symptoms might stick around for a while.

  12. I had a COVID, and I had brain fog and trouble remembering words(getting better slowly) and honestly sometimes I’m not sure if it’s from COVID or drugs or a combo, but my brain fog lifted finally at least

  13. If we’re ever gonna get disability payouts or anything for long COVID then I want to put it on the record here that yeah I totally have that


  14. Ok but everyone’s going to get it eventually so back to “normal” we go….

    Fun part is these drags on body/brain are additive if not multiplicative, so if you were among the working disabled before have fun falling off a cliff for the better part of a year, if not forever.

  15. if my nose would stop randomly bleeding that would be pretty sick

    it hasn’t even been 2 months yet but still this kinda sucks

  16. This data seems legit and that’s terrifying. 1/3 chances of getting long Covid is absolutely not worth it.

  17. probably 99% have underlying conditions like obesity, longterm exposure to a poisonous environment, addiction to opiods etc.

  18. I’m trying to do stuf and experience a massive wave of fatigue where I literally have to go hone and sleep. Mind you I’m a 25 year old with no health conditions. Had Covid in January, experiencing long Covid wish it was allergies but it’s not. I am so fed up. I didn’t get vaccinated and my neuro professor in school is tellling me I should get boosted because there’s a chance it can make my long Covid go away. Not sure what I should do. So over this.

  19. I’m thinking I have long covid now, still having trouble tasting stuff, non-stop runny noise, and I keep having these coughing fits that don’t go away. I tested positive via rapid test on May 18th, and tested negative ~10 days later.

    Moderna vaccinated and boosted once.

  20. I had Covid last month. Some days I’m ok. Some days I’m dead tired. I can’t really explain it other then Covid as nothing in my life changed besides. I’ve noticed an uptick in headaches and an odd thing where I have trouble understanding people. Like they are speaking another language.

  21. Define “long COVID” I was sick bad with it all of May and barely avoided checking myself into hospital, but my lungs still haven’t recovered. I’m triple vaxxed, if that means I’m supposed to get a milder version without it I’d still be in ICU on a respirator and oxygen.

    FYI The rapid regen home test kits provide an 80% FALSE NEGATIVE report for later mutations of the COVID 19 virus.