Panam or Judy? (and why is the real answer is Jackie)

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+1669 – Panam or Judy? (and why is the real answer is Jackie)

2022-06-23 17:03:09

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  1. Judy is my favorite. It almost feels like the game makers had a soft spot for her, since her character and story are so well written, nuanced, and detailed. I mean, they created a whole underwater area just because of Judy. Even Silverhand started to like her when we got to her apartment lol. And most importantly, her voice actor Carla Tassara did an amazing job.

  2. I’ve seen the responses, and I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is wrong.

    It’s Wakako

  3. Honestly they wrote and designed both ladies so well that it is not easy to choose one over the other. I personally have struggled to find attachment to Jackie after knowing he as going to die from way back in the 45minute gameplay trailer.

  4. My headcanon for my male V is this – the was crushing SO HARD od Jackie, but he knows he shouldn’t go between Jackie and Misty, out of respect for both of them and they relationship. So he sucked it up and suffered in silence, being the best bro he could be to Jackie. Did Misty knows about it? I think yes, but she won’t bring it up in conversations, she don’t want V to feel awkward. She accepted that both she and V loved Jackie and that’s all.

  5. Jackie was my favorite character in the game. Loyal to a fault and hilarious. Panam though….whew…..

  6. I like Judy but it would’ve been more interesting if we would have more romantic options with good stories with character development. One of the things that I loved about Mass Effect was the fact that you had a lot of romantic options with the character development (Ashely and Jack for example). I think that this game would’ve been more amazing than it is if the developers have put more work into this game and wouldn’t praised it so much. Because when you talk and put the game on a pedestal, people have a lot of expectations. On the other side is also our fault because we never have the patience. Every game has bugs at first and lots of games got rid of them after years or never. Cyberpunk 2077 reminded me of Mass Effect Andromeda where everyone was comparing three games with over 40 DLC’s with 1 game with 0 DLCs…But I got lost in my mind, sorry…JUDY it’s JUDY lol, as romance and Panam as BFF

  7. Jackie’s story is done,no need for DLC. I want the game to carry on. Find someway to help V, remove the relic. You Know , a new story…

  8. I always found Judy to be kinda insufferable.
    I mean, she is well written in my opinion, but i just can’t stand her on a personal level.

  9. I vibe more with Panam. I didn’t feel a strong connection to Judy.

    I’ll always miss my big bro Jackie though.