Proud to be a Lithuanian🇱🇹

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+2513 – Proud to be a Lithuanian🇱🇹

2022-05-16 09:19:40

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  1. On the other hand, it shows that Lithuania is not that good at finding hostile diversion groups if those are present in the country.

    So I guess it’s a winfail.

  2. “Random photo with text claims something with no factual background”
    “Proud 🇱🇹”

  3. They decide to lose comms on their radios or something? Not much of a recon unit if you can’t report enemy disposition and patterns of movement.

    We “disappeared” all the time to take naps.

  4. false causality, how do we know the dogs aren’t unable to pick up scents and the helicopter pilot isn’t blind? The only way to be sure is to test them using every dog on the planet and letting every person alive fly the helicopter.

  5. These guys were clearly like 3 towns over at the bar and nowhere near the training area people were looking for them in.

  6. “Well done! The training is over! You can stop now! Lithuania? Its over, you can stop now. Stop now. Lithuania. Stop. Please. Stop. Stop! Lithuania!”

  7. Proud to be Lithuanian cause of 4 guys dodging your whole ass military looking for em?

    I’m proud of the 4 guys and sadden by the search party lmfao.

  8. Is there a Lithuanian phase for ” GOD DAMN NINJAS”. Also I would love to be there when they show up fine and everyone says WTF in unison.

  9. see they were expecting the unexpected but instead they should have also expected the expected. you should expect to get lost. in the end you have to expect both the expected and the unexpected

  10. 5 good soldiers, an entire army that couldn’t find their comrads. That could also just mean that the army is mostly bad

  11. Uhhh yeah Sgt… we got you good huh! Lost? No no no, we were just evading your search party!

  12. Probably bogus. Something that you can see them actively train in at Palanga all the time are diving/ drops into the water. Idk if it’s coast guard, or navy but every summer they take a helicopter out to the water, drop some guys off, fuck off for a couple of hours and pick them back up.

  13. “We are stealthy Lithuanians, hiding in a Russian tank, being towed by a Ukrainian tractor, hunted by German and Belgian Shepherds and a mix of international volunteers.”

  14. This bullshit scuttlebutt was told to me by a fat-fuck Aircrew Chief in 2001. The version of the story I heard back then was that some Bud/s trainees evaded the instructors in SERE school and captured the instructors and took over the school. Then Scuzzlebutt showed up, handed them their tridents, then made them all ice cream. Also, Scuzzlebutts leg was Patrick Duffy.

  15. If they followed the same tactics as my section commander in 1996 did on an escape and evasion exercise they probably left the start point and tabbed to the nearest woods to hide out for a couple of hours and have a cup of tea or two. They would have returned later that evening to get a taxi to a local farm where a few weeks before the event would have negotiated a bed and breakfast rate with the farmer to sleep in a hay barn for 4 nights and stash some rations.

    Incidentally we also evaded search parties that consisted of dogs, a light infantry company, military police and also there were rumours of the SAS training in OP’s on routes to check points. While we missed most of the check points we did not win the competition but we dodged capture and the interrogation phase of the exercise:-).

  16. Plot twist: they just spent the day at a CanCan pizzeria ordering 42 cm specials. It’s urban camouflage, with extra toppings!