Rare(?) Sighting of the Dean Gym Teacher Funkopop at…

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+430 – Rare(?) Sighting of the Dean Gym Teacher Funkopop at Swapmeet in HB, CA

2022-05-16 18:38:47

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  1. If I were ever to buy a Funko Pop… I probably wouldn’t but it would be this one.

  2. I think it is rare. I just checked online because that’s amazing and wanted one but they go for $100+ so nevermind

  3. I have never wanted something more in my life. Probably because I just watched this episode three nights ago!

  4. I don’t even collect these but that one specifically would make me start.. I couldn’t pull my money out quick enough lmao

  5. I resisted buying one and instantly regretted it when they sold out so fast.🤬 However, I got lucky when a friend stumbled across one and surprised me for my birthday. It is now in a place of honor where all can see. ❤️

  6. There’s a Dean one??

    I got the Dr. Malcom (from Jurassic Park) doing his iconic table pose (which is the same pose as this one) I have never seen any doing different poses before and even though I’m not a big collector of Funkopop’s I had to get it. I legit thought it was a one time thing just for Dr. Malcom (and the internets obsession for him and that scene).

    I did not now there were others let alone one of Dean!!

  7. …Wait, when was Dean a gym teacher in SPN? I remember his brief stint in Smallville as the gym teacher before SPN started…