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+2341 – Really?

2022-05-16 20:03:53

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Really? from DiWHY

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  1. I’m old and don’t use social media so I’m aware I’m missing something here, but is there any actual reasons why every vid now has random and entirely unrelated music? Is it just some kind of “lol I can choose even *stupider* music then you did on your upload, so look how cool I am” meme thing? Is there some actual purpose to it?

  2. Well my whole thing is if you have what you need to make that, then you already have more things than you need to brush your teeth if it’s it’s for like camping as I guess its insuating, it doesn’t take much room to pack a tube and a brush, as where this thing looks alot more liable to break or make a mess if not stored properly…so it’s just brushing your teeth with extra steps, now an alternative to a brush or paste if you forgot them and you camping could be better.

    Edit: you’ll also be better off not putting glue dry or not in your mouth.

  3. I once knew a guy hiking on the Appalachian trail that was so concerned about weight in his backpack that he cut the handle off his toothbrush. This โ€œhackโ€ May been helpful for such an occasion.

  4. 5 minute craft videos are my guilty pleasure and I’m totally in love with that girl and I have no idea who she is