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+4924 – roll a d100 for the ammount of pixels you get

2022-05-16 16:16:25

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  1. They say positive energy is a force for good, but they don’t see the pain and destruction it causes those of us that survive on negative energy…

  2. You mean except priests and paladins actually plan and actively work towards destroying the undead, have been for who knows how long, and that’s anything but a secret?

  3. “Ackhtchually life drain is a myth propagated by anti-undead radicals to marginalize the differently alive, there is no single piece of evidence that shows it ever being used on vitalists. Addishunally our kind have been unfairly persecuted for centuries for our chosen lifestyles purely because our culture exposes the lies of the paladins, for which they hunt us mercilessly.”

  4. I once made a spell called Wight Privilege. You turn into a Wight with high charisma, permanent sanctuary spell, and a few other resistances.

  5. I am sad that I laughed at this. But then again, I’m the same guy who wrote a story about a guy who created Centaurs by fucking his horse so my humor is already trash.

  6. *Image Transcription: Greentext*


    [*An image of a hunched, gaunt and grey-skinned creature with long claws, a monstrous face and a tattered dark cloak slung over its back.*]

    >Look, I’m not saying there are secret meetings where priests and paladins plan the destruction of undead, but the recent nflux of humans avdenturers into our catacombs is no coincidence, and past dwarf immigration into our outer dungeons hugely problematic. If we don’t close our borders and force these lesser creatures away, we’ll be facing the downfall of underworld society as we know it.

    What od you do when you encounter an obvious wight supremacist?

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