SAME CRAFT DESIGN Seen in Multiple Unrelated Cases over…

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+1165 – SAME CRAFT DESIGN Seen in Multiple Unrelated Cases over Decades!

2022-05-16 17:22:23

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  1. I feel like these crafts are proof aliens go for scenic rides in their new model space car. Our planet is probably depressing and not as spectacular as others so no one comes to visit often. Like an abandoned road side attraction that’s too far out of the way anyway. Or maybe we’re a dare, like putting your finger in a fish tank with a piranha in it. Nobody is willing to make contact because everyone on this planet as a collective is destroying everyone and everything on it. I wouldn’t want to visit us either. Maybe as an example of what I don’t want my children to do when they grow up… safely from the window of course.

  2. [Michael Hawkins]( is a well-known UFO hoaxer. He used to have a website called []( which is probably the worst paranormal website I’ve ever seen. [Here’s a video]( put together by Hawkins himself where you can see many of his hoaxes.

    Ed Walters also faked his photographs using a [small model of a UFO](, which was found in his old house after he moved. He claims that the model was purposefully planted there by “professional debunkers” to discredit him, although the model looks exactly like [what he claims to have seen](

  3. Be careful. Ed Walters the guy who was responsible for these images has been debunked at least once. There are so many better cases to analyse than this. Don’t waste your time is my advice. A couple of excellent researchers proved that he was a hoaxer relatively recently.

  4. If these are no more than 6-8 ft across, this is definitely what was hovering over me in 1981!

  5. Submission Statement:

    Here is a collage of the photos showing the same craft design in multiple sightings over decades.

    Check out u/ProjectBluebookTV’s post [HERE]( for a great presentation on the subject. Also, credit for some of the photos in this collage.

    Of note, is the fact that the Gulf Breeze case was sabotaged with a cheap and failed attempt at making a miniature model and planting it in the house where the original witness used to live. The model was found to be made with draft paper from one of Walters’ crumpled and discardes house planes which he ststes he made years *after the publishing of the photos. The journalist who broke the story just happened to show up out of the blue at the new residents’ door weeks after they found the model, asking specifically if they have found anything related to the case inside the house… like a miniature model. What a coincidence /s. A cheap yet effective action to discredit the case. Nonetheless, witnesses from Gulf Breeze abund, corroborating the story of the craft.

    I recommend also checking out PC Alan Godfrey’s testimony and case, as it is also one of the most legitimate cases out there. His sketch and description of the craft are a vivid representation of the same craft design.

    Hopefully, people will seek to elucidate the mystery of this recurring design, seen across such diverse cases.

    Note: Reposted to fix error in source of 1995 video.

  6. Yup, Ive seen these cheeseburger, double , triple decker craft with windows about three times in my life lit up in the skies at night with my own eyes. They are real

  7. Why are they all from the EXCACT same angle. I think these are just artist renditions to accompany the article using the same source material

  8. I saw someone posted the Scheeler pic earlier, not sure if it was this sub.. So many comments were like “wow that’s so fake lol”. Just knowing the replies I’d get I couldn’t bring myself to even want to bring up the fact that this is a super popular widely seen craft type.. So thank you OP. I’m convinced the only way the debunkers will learn is if you prove to them they’re very wrong every single time, its just such hard work!

  9. What’s interesting about this is that there are 5-6 “windows” visible in every photo… that consistency gives more credibility…

  10. How come EVERYTHING that ever gets posted in this sub is immediately bombarded with people discrediting it? It’s weird. Like why the fuck are you in the sub?

    Edit: I’m not saying it’s bad to be skeptical. Everything should be looked at from all different angles and analysis. I was just saying it’s weird how within the first couple minutes, each post is bombarded with a bunch of non-analytical discrediting comments. I was more trying to open up the idea that there’s possibly a bunch of bots on this sub

  11. In 1999 i was like 5 yrs old when a total solar eclipse happened on 11 August.

    My parents take us inside so qe don’t watch the eclipse without glasses. Somehow i sneaked outside and watched the eclipse without glasses and a strange blue disc passed over the houses and it looks very the same as those from the image.

  12. The Gulf Breeze photos guy was a clear hoaxer. They found the models of the “Ufos” in his attic.
    Don’t know anything about the others.

  13. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns, Patterns…

    Follow them , y’all.

  14. What’s next, a compilation of all the “UFOs” that look like George Adamski’s saucer? There’s a reason why cases like these die out. Because they get investigated and the UFOs stop showing up. You may get a few copycats hanging on elsewhere, but ultimately the whole thing collapses from the weight of its own bullshit, and nothing ever happens as a result.

    Good luck with your investigation before it runs out of steam like they all do. Then you can blame the conspiracy, I guess. What a waste of time.

  15. What if these are like alien school buses they use to take their young on field trips? The yellow school buses here haven’t changed much in decades.

  16. This UFO has been proven to be fake. If you don’t believe me, search up “Gulf breeze UFO model”. The guy used a model to fake these images with a little editing. The model is actually just 2 paper plates with a base sandwiched in between it lmao.

  17. He deleted the other post of this BS, I guess this one was doing better so once people that know about this topic start to downvote him, this will be deleted too.

  18. Let’s start with the oldest photos first:

    *The Gulf Breeze UFO incident was a series of claimed UFO sightings in Gulf Breeze Florida during 1987 and 1988. Beginning in November 1987, The Gulf Breeze Sentinel published a number of photos supplied to them by local contractor Ed Walters that were claimed to show a UFO. UFOlogists such as Bruce Maccabee believed the photographs were genuine; however, others strongly suspected them to be a hoax. Pensacola News Journal reporter Craig Myers investigated Walters’ claims a few years later, criticizing the Sentinel’s coverage of the story as “uncritical” and “sensationalist”. In 1990, after Walters and his family moved, the new owners of Walters’ house discovered a styrofoam model UFO hidden in the attic. Myers was able to duplicate the object in the Walters photographs almost exactly using the model UFO found in the attic. Walters later claimed that the model UFO had been “planted” in the attic.*

    The rest of these are likely just copied designs from the relatively easy to debunk original from ’87. Always ask yourself (when you start believing something extraordinary) ‘what is more likely’?

  19. Honestly don’t comprehend why this is not called a “chinese lantern”.
    I mean…different than usually, this here actually looks the part?

    In any case, fascinatingly different design.

  20. My guess is it’s Version 1 of the US’s reverse engineering of alien tech. The tic tac is our most recent version