Season 33 cast photo.

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+4289 – Season 33 cast photo.

2022-05-16 09:27:54

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  1. So much talent in this photo. I grew up with Farley, Spade, McDonald, et al., but consider the cast posted above to be peak SNL at full power.

  2. reminder that season 32 was the same cast with maya instead of [very funny but badly misused] casey wilson and season 34 brings bobby moynihan, michaela watkins and abby elliott! seth’s entire tenure as head writer (which was for my 20s, not my teens!) is the best-ever run of SNL imo

  3. Fan from Portugal over here.

    Just wanna say that this was the cast that started me on watching SNL. Love all of these guys.

  4. Great cast. My all time favorite was season 18 (1992-93):

    *Dana Carvey
    Chris Farley
    Phil Hartman
    Mike Myers
    Kevin Nealon
    Chris Rock
    Rob Schneider
    Julia Sweeney*

    *Ellen Cleghorne
    Melanie Hutsell
    Tim Meadows
    Adam Sandler
    David Spade*

    *Al Franken
    Robert Smigel*

  5. It’s crazy that they managed with only three women and one person of color (edit: had to look it up and Fred is half Korean which I never would i have guessed). I can’t remember who the featuring cast was back then. I remember when they had Fred do Obama. That was wild even back then. And Bill and Andy’s hair take me back.

  6. Look at all of those actors who went on to lead critically acclaimed television shows. The pool of talent is ridiculous.

  7. I still dress like Will Forte.

    Am I out of style now? Am I the guy in 1996 that still had his 80’s mullet? I used to be with “it”, but then they changed what “it” was.

  8. What I would give to have them all working for SNL again for just one day 😔 absolute favorite cast

  9. absolutely stacked cast, especially as time goes on. there’s like more than twenty Emmy nominations right there and that’s just from Barry and Ted Lasso lol

  10. Everybody in this photo is a comedy hall of famer except Casey Wilson. Not that she isn’t talented, she just hasn’t reached that level, YET!

  11. A lot of people think this was the best cast. And it had 11 actors. Maybe a return to this formula wouldn’t be the worst idea.

  12. The small cast size near the beginning of their tenure was the best under the radar thing to happen this era’s cast.

  13. From the time when I was a teenager and all my friends and I made a point to watch every weekend. It seemed like there was at least one classic sketch in every episode.