Second chances or not?

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+11614 – Second chances or not?

2022-05-16 13:11:04

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  1. Chris Evans was definitely the highlight of the F4 films. He’s a great comic actor. That’s why I wasn’t sure him as Cap would work. Glad to proven wrong.

  2. Weird that you didn’t show Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins or as Hannibal King in Blade Trinity since both of those are Marvel movies

    Edit: also because the other two are their less popular marvel counterparts

  3. Good meme, but you should have gone with X-Men Origins Deadpool instead of green lantern.

  4. The studios were all different and the choices of the the production or the direction made or broke the stories. The actors, no matter how interested they might seem in the character, did not influence the outcome.

    One body of work is better than the other because the studios know how to make a better movie. Or use there money to find people who know how.

  5. It’s like people forget, writers and directors are what make a skit.

    “Somehow Palpatine has returned” try acting your ass off that lol

  6. Not sure why Johnny Storm (Chris Evans version) is there. He was perfection in that role and the movies were good. The other two, however…

  7. I still think the guy who played Gambit in that awful Wolverine film should get a shot as Gambit MCU.

  8. Holy shit I spent a good minute looking at this and thinking “what did the human torch do that was wrong?”

  9. I hope Matt Smith gets a second chance. He’s a great actor with incredible depth, just isn’t able to break into Hollywood.

  10. Its not like any of those people were bad in the first films, they were just bad films.

    Green Lantern was a script problem, not a Ryan Problem

    The only good thing in the FF movies was Human Torch (And the thing suit looked cool but poor Micheal)

    And Micheal B Jordan is a fucking great actor, that ended up in a movie that couldn’t decide if it was a gritty superhero flick or a body horror film.