Showing your friends your favorite song starterpack

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+2796 – Showing your friends your favorite song starterpack

2022-06-23 18:57:46

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  1. This is why you either put it on without saying anything (if you’re driving together) or send the link to them (if you’re apart) avoids the whole awkwardness part.

  2. Just put the link on Discord and say nothing about it. Less pressure that way, and you can live in ignorance. If you’re doing it with irl friends, play it along with a bunch of other songs while you’re doing something else and say nothing about it.

  3. recently i played one of my favorite songs to a few friends. one laughed and said “what is this?” and another said “well, on spotify it always plays some random songs before playing the one you wanted”.

  4. That’s why I don’t show anybody anything. Everyone is already preoccupied with their own tastes, I’ll just enjoy my things in peace

  5. If you ask people what “music genres do you like?” 99.99% will reply with “I like everything” that’s not true. People say that so they won’t be judged on their music tastes.

  6. Act like you’re enjoying it, like bop ya head a bit if its that sorta song, and for the love of god dont pause it halfway through. Or just play pop you like, generally what I do.

  7. If it makes you feel better, your friends feel the same awkwardness. They (probably) aren’t judging you, it’s just really awful for everyone involved

  8. That, or you turn it on, but everyone’s talking over it and don’t realize you’re trying to share a song with them.

  9. My homies just outright tell me, SHIT WACK, then I say, F U, then we move on and play something else

  10. Music is so subjective that you really have to go to concerts or subs to bond with people on it, not introduce it.

  11. You know they’d like it if they discovered it themselves, but because it’s being shown to them they respect it less.

  12. I hate being on the other end of this, I usually like what people are getting me to listen to, but I suddenly don’t know being human works anymore.

  13. I ask people before subjecting them to my taste. Usually a conversation is had about music before showing them anything. I will listen to something someone sends me and I give it a minute even if it’s trash. People have very weird ears or just straight up listen to radio pop garbage their whole lives

  14. I’m sorry I’m just not good at reacting to things. I do love other peoples music though!! I just don’t know what to respond with other than a light smile or a straight face.
    Actually, you know what, since we can’t have any of those awkward confrontations online, how about you guys give me some music recommendations? I don’t really have a specific taste, but I do absolutely adore the violin, piano, and music box.