Since deleted tweet from Wardlow and CM Punk’s reply

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+2265 – Since deleted tweet from Wardlow and CM Punk’s reply

2022-05-16 13:44:06

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  1. It’s what I want from this segment. I want every shot to just make wardlow angrier, end the segment with MJF in fear for his life.

    Rage is a hell of an anesthetic.

  2. Every time I scroll up and see the Tweet again I fucking bust out laughing. Damn it, Punk, don’t delete good Tweets you coward.

  3. I’ve never understood people being whipped in wrestling. Including when punk did it ten years ago.
    Like, we watch them destroy their bodies on a nightly basis but a piece of leather is suddenly an big deal?

  4. I was anticipating this and can’t wait. The increasing panic from MJF when none of the lashes have any effect on Wardlow and he just stands there eating every one of them. The crowd is going to be going absolutely mental.

  5. I was thinking Wardlow was going to no sell the lashes not turn to MJF and say give me more daddy.

  6. Just realized I’m seeing this live.

    Well then… Time to slip something to help it go down.

  7. Punk didn’t actually delete the tweet, as you found out, but what is with the whole tweet the delete thing? Is it something just to get people talking? It can’t just be that people over and over and over and over and over put something up and then realize they shouldn’t be posting it and take it down. I mean, I know it can be that and it is that, but…..yeah. I don’t get it.

  8. did the 10 lashes/whips do anything for the story with cody? yeah, its meant to ‘humiliate’ the person in MJFs eyes, but idk. I can’t remember what cody got out of it? sympathy from the fans? show that he was super tough and willing to do anything just to get to MJF(to get out of the contract for wardog)? is that the plan here? i’m legit confused and just trying to work it out lol.

  9. MJF sprinkles in a lot of S&M. The whole thing with calling Warlord his piggy is from kink subculture, too.

  10. Dear god I hope Wardlow no sells them, watching Cody act like he was getting his toes chopped off was ridiculous and it was like a week after the Fiend and Daniel Bryans strap match.