“Speaking at today’s CSTO summit, Putin said that NATO…

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+2043 – “Speaking at today’s CSTO summit, Putin said that NATO membership alone for Finland and Sweden poses no threat to Russia, but Moscow will respond in kind to any buildup of military infrastructure in these nations. Russia’s response will depend on the buildup.” – Kevin Rothrock, Meduza

2022-05-16 13:39:58

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  1. “NATO membership alone for Finland and Sweden poses no threat to Russia, but membership for Ukraine does.”


  2. Putin: I swear, if anyone of you decides to join NATO then i will unleash Nuclear hell on all of Europe!

    Finland and Sweden: *Joins NATO

    Putin: f-fine, i’m allowing this but if you buildup military then i will totally do the thing, i swear it…

  3. For those unable to access the video, it’s Putin sitting on a golden chair saying what Rothrock has summarised in the thread title.

  4. Please explain to me, that according to him, Finland and Sweden’s nato membership poses “no threat” to Russia.

    But when Ukraine wants to sign an association agreement with the EU, then Russia thinks it’s the biggest threat to Russian society and that they imidiatly need to invade Ukraine and go “liberate” some territories because they are a huge threat to Russian existence? How?

  5. In Dutch there is a saying “Hij is zijn kak aan het intrekken” wich roughly translates to “He is pulling his shit back up”. It fits here well I Think.

  6. Translation: “We realized we have basically no leverage to stop this deal and our military is currently getting fucked inside-out in Ukraine, meaning we can’t even threaten you, but we still want to express our grumpiness and sound powerful even though we’re completely helpless at the moment.”

  7. No need for any buildup. As Russia’s units dwindle the Finnish forces will grow relative to them anyway.

    Another few months and they could probably get away with putting just an asthmatic toy terrier on the border, should be enough to defend the country.

  8. Sooooo it was never about nazis or NATO wasn’t it?

    We knew that all along, but how bad all these morons on the some left, retarded newagers and alt-whatever_the_f who were spreading this nonsense and whataboutery.

    The good thing is that Internet sort of remembers forever.

  9. Hot take:

    This is the largest concession putin has made since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

  10. It is always best to finish with your current ass whipping before seeking out someone knew to monkey stomp your whole world.

  11. Finland has been fortifying its border for decades. Its almost impenetrable from Russian side, especially considering how weak the Russian military is. Finland is a militarised country with one of the largest most advanced armies in Europe, they’ve been studying the Russian military in all its detail. Russian soldiers can’t sneeze without Finland knowing which direction they sneezed in. They have one aim and one aim only: keep the Russians out.

    Putin knows he can’t do anything to Finland, which makes this step-down in rhetoric from him extremely hilarious.

  12. Does he really mean any form?

    Wouldn’t that include military development though…

    You can’t expect Sweden and Finland to stay behind like you did with Soviet equipment.

  13. Look, it’s 200 km from Finland’s border to Saint Petersburg, whereas it’s only 70km from Estonia (already a NATO member) to Saint Petersburg.

    So, obviously, just as Putin wanted the distance from NATO border to Saint Petersburg has been increased by 130 km and NATO has been pushed back. This is clear geopolitical victory for Putin.

  14. “Oh… they’re seriously joining. Well… um… you guys just uh… you know, watch your back!”

  15. The Godfather -Mario Puzo

    … finally Don asked him one last clarifying question:
    – Does this man really have balls? (…..) Hagen understood the correct meaning of the question. Did Woltz have enough strength in his soul to risk anything, to consider the possibility of losing everything only for a matter of principle, for a matter of honor, for revenge?
    “No,” Hagen replied.

  16. so… they are ok with Finland and Sweden in NATO… but not Ukraine? aight then… whatever floats your boat

  17. You can make an argument that the whole war was really about the EU. Russia wanted Ukraine in it’s budget EU, the Eurasian Economic Union, and influenced corrupt elites to join it.

    But the people of Ukraine wanted otherwise, and demanded integration with the EU instead. Russia could not had that, and thus escalated to armed conflict. First low intensity, then high intensity.

    Essentially, Russia attacked the EU through Ukraine economically, and lost, now it tries to “contain” the EU through military means.

  18. We are going to need new tracking hardware if Russia is going to move the goal posts that far and that fast just to keep up

  19. He’s finally right about something. Finland and Sweden joining are not a threat to Russia since NATO is a defensive alliance.