Spread of ‘free-range’ farming may raise risk of…

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+282 – Spread of ‘free-range’ farming may raise risk of animal-borne pandemics – study | Farming

2022-06-24 02:38:52

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  1. Jeezus, are they really trying to sell the idea that free range farming bad, commercial chicken “farms” are good? Our population must be stupid if they’re putting out garbage like this and people actually believe it.

  2. chickens are meant to be out eating bugs and insects, but for some reason we keep feeding them gmo crops like corn and cereals to make them fatter.

  3. This article is absolutely ridiculous. The concept that animals on small farms or backyards are “dirty” and pose a risk to our health and that in order to reduce our risk we should rely on factory farming is nonsense and a dangerous idea to entertain.
    The risk to humanity is that we are moving away from nature and the natural order of things and that we ignorantly believe the people pushing us in this direction are doing it for our own good.

  4. Bullshit. Cramming animals into tiny enclosures where they shit all over each other and consume nothing but franken feed and antibiotics is how you raise the risk of animal borne pandemics.

  5. Hahahaha what an absolute joke. I pasture raise my chickens and ducks. With them I can complete the circle of having a sustainable food source. They eat my grass, provide me with nitrogen for my fertilizer, daily eggs and a few times a year I get to eat roosters and drakes. I don’t require any inputs on my farm. Without those birds I can’t complete the circle and I will be required to go back to being a consumer in an oil based economy. You want to reduce the risk of animal born pandemics? Shut down the factory farms where they start from. Dont tell me my 60 birds are the problem what an absolute farce.

  6. Bullshit! many good healthy farms rotate the livestock around the fields between plantings, no extra land needed. ‘Free range’ just needs to be done right.
    Factory farms, fuck off!

  7. Factory farming of poultry pollutes the environment, is inhumane and does not stop spread of avian influenza in its many forms.

  8. Says the Monsanto/Schwab/Soros/Gates mafia. Bullshit,don’t believe it. We were farming long before these parasites had control of our lives

  9. If we take factory farming as it is, and make it “free range,” we’re only spreading the problems of factory farming over a wider area.

    Factory farming needs to *stop.*

    This is one of the many reasons we’re raising our own backyard flock. Better living conditions. Less waste. More biodiversity.

  10. Animals that live outside in more natural conditions develop antibodies to environmental pathogens. Intensively farmed animals need to be kept in near sterile conditions because the stressors of their biology and habitat prevent them from having a healthy immune system. Viruses aren’t the danger; animals too weak to survive them are.