‘Super Mario’ producer defends casting Chris Pratt, won’t…

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+5638 – ‘Super Mario’ producer defends casting Chris Pratt, won’t offend Italians

2022-06-23 15:38:10

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  1. I dont think people care Pratt isnt italian, they just cant picture him as Mario. I can’t either really, but we will see how it turns out.

    As an italian myself I cant imagine being offended by a non-italian playing an italian. Thats just dumb. Its acting.

  2. Did people actualy have a problem that he wasn’t italian or was it just that they don’t like chris pratt?

  3. The problem with Pratt isn’t him not being Italian but him being such a generic choice and people growing tired of him

  4. Mario and Luigi should have just been Danny Devito and Charlie Day. Glenn Howerton should have been Bowser. Mac could have been Toad. Kaitlin Olsen as Princess Peach would have been great.

    Just recast the whole voice team with the cast of Its Always Sunny.

  5. This is just the NY Post trying to rile up their conservative base and make the push for representation in media seem like it’s gone too far. Virtually no one is upset about Chris Pratt being cast as Mario because he’s not Italian. This tweet they cite in the article is obviously a joke [https://twitter.com/hasanthehun/status/1441168943310245891](https://twitter.com/hasanthehun/status/1441168943310245891)

  6. I’m gonna guess it sounds exactly like Chris Pratt based on every other Chris Pratt performance I’ve seen

  7. Do… do people not realize that Charles Martinet isn’t Italian either? Or that Mario is made by a Japanese company? Literally nothing Italian about Mario in the first place, lol

  8. It’s less to do with him not being Italian and more to do with his casting just feeling uninspired. Pratt’s hiring makes me feel as if this is going to be a generic and lifeless film.

  9. That’s not the concern. I don’t think Italians necessarily want Mario linked to them. The problem is that Chris Pratt is a mediocre action star who doesn’t resemble Mario in anyway whatsoever. It’s terrible casting.

  10. People are not offended he’s not Italian, they just don’t want Chris Pratt as Mario, or at least can’t imagine him as such. It comes off as a “Let’s big one of the big A list actor’s whos known for being Goofy and make him Mario” typa thing. Its more about the Name.

  11. The problem isn’t that he’s not Italian. The problem is that he’s Chris Pratt.

    Plus Mario sure as fuck ain’t Italian, he’s from the Mushroom Kingdom, not Italy.

  12. I think that most people wanted Charles Martinet as did I. I also would have preferred Jack Black to be Toad instead of Bowser.


    fuck this movie

  14. I’d like Mario to be played by someone that can act. Everything he (Pratt) does feels like a slight variation of Andy Dwyer. He makes Owen Wilson look like an actor with incredible range.

  15. How did people get past being offended that they are making a Super Mario movie enough to get offended by the casting.

  16. Chris Pratt is on the fast track to overtake all the unused Bruce Willis’ scripts.

    Like how many forlorn Special Ops roles can he portray?! ….the world may never know

  17. As someone of that heritage, I strongly suspect that whoever complained is neither Italian nor offended, but just trolling.

  18. If rumors are to be believed, he’ll be using a Brooklyn accent like the other Mario film that did so well in the past.

    My problem with Chris Pratt is that he attends a church with anti-LGBT beliefs and refused to condemn them.

  19. I’m Italian. Whoever calls this cultural appropriation is a loser with nothing better to do then to be offended.