That’s not where I parked my car.

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+18811 – That’s not where I parked my car.

2022-06-23 21:47:10

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  1. Gaetz (R-FL), Brooks (R-AL), Biggs (R-AZ), Gohmert (R-TX), Perry (R-PA), Greene (R-GA), and technically Jordan (R-OH) all asked for pardons – for totally legitimate political discourse.

  2. bUt hUnTeR bIdEnS cOmPuTeR tHaT hE lEfT aT a rAnDoM cOmPuTeR sHoP hAd cP oN iT – Every republican.

  3. Was he wearing his gas mask when he had to crawl on all fours to kiss tLump’s maralago slippers to earn it?

  4. Why would they? Those were both propaganda stunts initiated by Putin in order to destabilize the west.

    People that fell for these kind of Propaganda are called “useful idiots” by Russia and there are lot of them in the US.

  5. So now we know why Matt Gaetz has not been indicted yet. His request for a pardon needed to become public from a White House staffer on a bigger issue.

    Let’s not forget Matt’s buddy Mr Greene the pimp begged Roger Stone to get a Pardon for him from Trump, offering hundreds of thousands in bitcoin.

    Much more to follow on Matt Gaetz. Why does a sitting congressman ask for a Presidential pardon when his own term is not up yet?

  6. I mean, Hillary really doesn’t have much to worry about.

    She had four straight years of a Republican Congress throwing the kitchen sink at her, then four years of an administration that rose to power on chants of “lock her up” and sales of “Hillary for Prison” t-shirts.

  7. Lol – Matt Gaetz: hey Trumpy – do you mind throwing in that rape thing as well… just in case… perhaps just a blanket pardon for all bad things…

  8. Jesus Christ there’s a huge trail of Cheeto dust all over this thread. He lost, get over it for fuck sakes.

  9. Because Hunter Biden didn’t have to? People lied about his laptop and the shenanigans for him. Fuck Matt Gaetz he’s a scumbag but also fuck those other two as well.

  10. Funny anyone would even think of needing a pardon with how weak, spineless, and complicit the Democrats are.

  11. Trump never pardoned them because they didn’t do the job to his satisfaction. Just like he rips off contractors lmao

  12. I don’t know man probably not the vast conspiracy you imagine, probably a little more of the sources being less than credible at the time and in the midst of Donald Trump’s hundreds of emoluments and conflicts of interest… it barely moved the needle. Except if you were a nihilist in league with the anarchists in league with the christofascists- THEN it might just be the juiciest story that should never die.

  13. Matt Gaetz, MGT, Boebert. Is a pedophile, hires pedophiles, marries pedophiles. And they all tried overthrowing the government. Lot of people that say “save the kids” and that they are being groomed sure do love to make love to kids.

  14. this makes the left look bad not good. As the implication is that ya’ll hold all the power

  15. I get all the hate for people like them and most politicians, but why does reddit seem to want to defend and stand behind HILARY of all people ? She’s like the definition of life long corrupt nasty politician. I just dont get it. I cant comprehend anyone being ok with Hilary Clinton or defending anything about her and her creepy child raping husband lol..even if trump and alot of repubs are terrible.

  16. They don’t have to ask for a pardon when they’re exempt from justice. Hunter could snort Coke off Hilary’s sagging breast in broad daylight and never receive punishment.

  17. Yes.

    That’s what happens when you commit crimes and have the connections and the media infrastructure to get them written off entirely.